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I mean, answer them - I'll just make them take drugs, have 2 babies, marry a stinkbag and flash their cooch. And THEN they'll know what it feels like to Not yet be a woman!


bravo, rich.

i loved how her own mother was not mentioned one time in the entire hour. her dad seems like a trip - probably the only "real" person around her.

i think the reason that she is footing the bill while others make her continue to perform is that she f*cked up her money big time. at the rate she was going, she would have been in a van down by the river. that's why she complains that she is "paying for it".

she is still processing issues like a 15 year old. it's too controlled!/i love my job!/why didn't i just go home with my kids?/i'm a private person

she should have gone home to louisiana with her kids and lived off the interest from all the millions she has in the bank. end of story.


To be honest, what I took away from it most, was just how sad her life has been, and will continue to be. I feel bad for her, and I just hope that in the end, she gets something from it; more than money and empty fame.


Your wonderful review of "For the Record" was mentioned on Canadian television yesterday! They really enjoyed your added questions, and agreed that the interviewer didn't go as in depth as they should have.

You can probably find it on, it was on " The After Show".

Erin Donovan

I thought she came off way better than J Lo came off in her infomercial/documentary from a few years ago (remember how she made her assistant get up and shut the door she was sitting right next to?)

Love the Christmas banner!


erin, what j.lo documentary was that? do you remember the name?


I liked the documentary- I do think she was raw and honest, but that she doesn't fully understand her own life. I think Madonna hit the nail on the head--she's just starting to examine her own life after being on a merry-go-round. Emotion isn't clear and logical. She's famous, but not completley put together. When Britney said "this is how my life has always been" that spoke volumes about the environment she came from and where "normal" is for her. I agree that I wish she could get to the point of articulating it all; she's got to find her voice first.

"Ummm, I heard that collaboration. It was called Hard Candy, and it was FUCKING TERRIBLE. I'm glad Britters told them to fuck off; she's got Bloodshy & Avant and has made Danja a household name. She doesn't need those two douchefaces"


Circus >>>> Hard Candy.


Thank you for articulating everything I was thinking while watching the "documentary."


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More importantly... can we get a full review of "Circus"?

I'm the slightest bit disappointed, but only because each Britney album has been substantially better than the prior, and I think "Circus" is roughly comparable to "Blackout."

"Blackout" is a remarkable album. Every song works perfectly. "Circus" has a few duds. But I will say that when it works ("Womanizer," "If U Seek Amy," "Unusual You," and "Mannequin" stand out for me) it works even better than Blackout did. And allow me to say: "Mmm Papi" is way more enjoyable than it should be.

Have you heard the bonus tracks? "Phonography" and "Amnesia" should have been put on the album; they're brilliant.


I honestly don't think she was ever that smart & I don't think she really has the capability to grasp more then simple things. She's just a girl with a low iq who happened to become a celebrity & is mentally off, possibly bi-polar. I don't even think she's a good singer. Her albums are way over produced & mostly written by others, nor does she play an instrument. She can remember dances, while lip synching & use to be hot. She's still famous because we love watching train wrecks, but as far as being famous because she has substantial talent, I don't buy it.


This is the most insightful and accurate piece about Britney I've ever read.



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If you have to do it, you might as well do it right.

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