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December 23, 2008



That's probably how I would react to an Elmo.


Get that tail, Rudy!

Cute, cute, cute.


aww, rudy is a total wuss.

i hope they get some good treats for xmas!
you too rich!


Thank you Rich! My day has been pretty crappy but that made me smile! Happy Holidays!


Rudy is such a scaredy cat, yet I've always felt that he is the straight man to Winston's eccentric, unconventional comic. Rudy is the everyman if you will.

I feel like Winston's willingness to affectionately (or at least inquisitively) put his mouth on things is a holiday lesson we can all learn from.


I love Rudy using Winston as a pillow! Rudy is too cute.


Now I want to go chew some tape. It looks good.

Happy Holidays to you too!


THANK YOU!!! Rudy and Winston can make anyone feel better!!!


winston warms my cold, dark heart.

that being said, this song, which features the most annoying child's voice ever captured on wax....i suspect the vocalist is one mike teevee......well, it just makes me shake my fists feebly like an old man.

whyioughta, rich....why. i. oughta.


That's the best x-mas gift the internet can give me!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!




Cats ALWAYS sleep in heavenly peace.
My favourite part is the boyfriendly cry of 'Leave him alone!' as Rudy retreats to the depths of the stereo cabinet.


Is there nothing Winston won't eat? And Rudy? I would have run away too.
As always, your kitty videos are the bestest!!


What was that foul-looking green stuff Winston was noshing on at 0:34? Was that hummus? Lol.

Your cats' contrasting reactions are priceless.

If both of them were aboard the Nostromo instead of Jonesy, I think Rudy's keener sense of self-preservation would increase his likelihood of getting defrosted next to Ripley in one piece.

Winston, on the other hand, would probably be content to remain behind, chewing on what's left of Kane's exploded guts while the self-destruct countdown ran out. (There's a lovely Christmas image to leave you with.)

Seriously, happy holidays, you guys!


Mwah! Mwah! I loveded those kitties.


Can I have a Winnie-in-a-Box for Christmas?

Actually, scratch that - can I have a Winston & Rudy Cage-Match in a box for Christmas?

Happy holidays you four!


Yay! Christmas and Hanukkah Kitties!!

Wishing your family happiness and love and tummy rubs and sushi and cheap wooden chopsticks (schmopsticks) for ever and ever!!

Oh, and go Rudy.


Merry Christmas, Rich & crew! Thank you.


Beautiful. Thank you so much for this video. The look on Winston's face after he claimed the box was priceless. (Why do cats like to lick tape so much?)


I just love Winston and Rudy. Happy Holidays to you and and yours, Rich!


This was as well edited as Rudy is smarter than Winston.


Poor little scaredy-Rudy!! Maybe Winston is just putting on a show of being totally cool with Elmo so he can be like, "Rudy...you fucking pussy."

Merry Christmas Rich! And Happy Hanukkah to the boyfriend! And Merry-Happy-Everything to the kitties!


Lovely. Simply lovely!


ha, one of my cats tries to eat plastic all the time, too.


Happy Holidays! I've been anxiously awaiting the Christmas video. I still watch last years all the time.

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