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December 07, 2008



It reminded me of tubgirl and I felt like vomiting.


Ok, I don't even know where to begin with this. How fucked-up is it that his wedding is posted on a porn site, and that it's the name includes "Paris Hilton's BFF"? Also, why does the groom look like a mash-up of Greg Kinnear and Bruce Willis? I'm too full of questions to process this.

I like the video description: Onch Paris Hiton bff spanks his little wennie. [sic] [and sick]


Your new ringtone: Onch's laugh. I actually love it, too bad my phone is the most 80's piece of shit ever and it can only make super-mario beep noises.


All I can think of is when Onch was throwing up in that trash can at the theme park,and then Paris tearing up when she eliminated him, along with declaring, "I can't say TTFN to HIM!". Ugh.
House of Jules


omfg, how did you find that rich! haha

I still wait when I'm redirected by a NSFW link of your profile on Xtube! haha

Sean B. (aka. lol rofl)

Everything is deleted.


Boo, they took everything off!!

Joe M

If there is a gay dude out there that doesn't have nude jackoff pics of themselves floating out in the internets, congrats on being 80 yrs old or Amish. It's all a matter of which site and who you sent them to. NEVER take a full body with face nude shot. Unless you are a fame whore and want the instant, temporary publicity. I read this somewhere, I don't know it from personal experience. I love that Onch took his make-up off for Paris to show his realness. While crying.


The lipgloss thing with Baje during the reunion show was so staged.


Sooo.. chicken choking=bad.
Whereas...turkey slaughtering=good.

Gonna go watch the pugs some more.


The whole reunion show was just...terrible. =/


Yeah, I really hate how MTV over-scripts everything into lameness. The reunion show could have been amazing!

At least I got to see Onch's ~*sexy*~ pics before they were deleted.


haha, i get the feeling Zui would be proud, seeing as she was a Suicide Girl.


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He/she/it is disgusting!


Rich, this means you go onto XTube. This thought makes me excited.

Needs Onch in my conch

The pics are gone. Anyone know another place we can view them?

Lady Isabel

Ewww what a big pee pee he has.. =o

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