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December 04, 2008



best post EVER.


That was hilarious. If you look on the side on YouTube, there are TONS of these videos of pugs doing the head tilt. Does anyone know what this is about? How can this possibly be just a pug thing???


Ok time to pack a bowl.


I want to go for a ride.
(or a walk)
To the dog park, please.


If they were my dogs, I don't think I would get anything done, ever, because I would be too busy asking them questions all day long.

Kerri Anne

I concur with this being the best video on the planet right now. We have one (black) pug (Iggy!) and now I want two more.


@Nikki - Most doggies do this to a degree, but it does seem that pugs do it way more. Maybe something to do with their tiny little ears and the smushed-face thing? They can't hear very well, perhaps?

Anyway, this is insanely cute. I just watched it three times in a row and I think my head is about to explode.



My corgi puppy does that. If I had two more corgis I'd talk to them all day just to see them do that.


Bed. Definitely.
House of Jules


My German Shepard-esque mutt does this, so it can't just be a pug thing. So dang cute.

Miss Lisa

Squishy faces
tilting this way
and that
that is all.


my boxers do it too, but then they also wiggle which is just as funny.


As a pug mama, I must say, they have more character than any other dog. They are absolute fun nonstop. Little clowns, if you will.

crazy about the girl

Without the sound, you could mistake it for a Britney video!


Did anyone else find themselves tilting their head while watching this video?

No? Just me? Oh okay...


Man, my dog does a mean head tilt (he was even on Cute Overload - http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/2007/11/real-time-baroo.html) but I have to concede here. This video rules.


haha! Their snarfling sounds make me miss my pugs.


I did, April.


Well, thanks to this I've been watching dog videos all morning.


This video + the update on the new Martha Stewart puppy on cuteoverload = I have reached my awwwh quota for the day. If a Winston or Rudy post gets made at some point today I may explode!

Megan J

@April, me too, when I wasn'y snorting in laughter.

That was hilarious, I watched it twice in a row. And I'm going to watch it again!@

Party Pooper

Not to burst anybody's bubble, but I saw this ages ago on an episode of America's Funniest Home Videos. They might even have won something...


After the first few head tilts, you really MUST tilt along with them.


Party Pooper, I believe the one on Funniest Videos is different. A black dog is included.

the comments cracked me up almost as much as the video, because I was indeed thinking: (1) thank god I don't own those dogs or I'd do nothing else all day, (2) why do I keep tilting my head when they do and (3) please don't make me have to survive Martha's puppy, these puppies and Winston all in one day.


When my dog (some kind of Peke mix from the pound) does this, I want to hug the stuffing out of him. It's the cutest fucking thing I've ever seen.

This vid-second cutest fucking thing.

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