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Was that Stifler (Seann William Scott) being interviewed on this thoughts!? lol! I swear to god it was...


Run, Winnie, run!!!! Just kidding...

Britt aka bevskid1


haha the last one of the "ooh people", the dude who says "that doesn't creep me out at all".... he sounds so sarcastic


Oh, my dear Lord. The big gray cat towards the end looks so abjectly miserable while his owner holds up her purse, he's got to be cursing God for not giving him opposable thumbs, cuz that handgun in the dresser was starting to look real appealing to him.

Elana Loves Winston

I'm just going to pretend this isn't happening


Worst part (says the nerdy knitter and fourfour fan) is the tacky terrible nylon "fun fur" that goes with the cat fur. I mean, it's like layering creepy with tacky. I'm so glad those goddamn muppet-y scarves are out of fashion...a blight upon us snotty knitters.

I don't care if the cat fur is washed before it's made into yarn - cats aren't sheep. That is some nasty idea.


i like how it says that she "borrowed a friend's spinning wheel". wtf!? who has a spinning wheel??? i didn't even know those still existed!

cat lady: yos, i got a ton of cat hair lyin around
spinningwheelfriend: good thing for you. i gots a spinnin' wheel right here.
cat lady: thanks. i'll make you a cat sweater.


Don't think it's that weird.. people use fur all the time for clothing. I think it could be put to better use other than handbags, though. It's better than beating them alive and skinning them for their fur, methinks.


People doing stuff with cat hair is Nothing new! I know a guy that makes art with cat hair and sells it to charity for cats, dogs wildlife etc.


I guess it shouldn't be weird, since yarn is already made from wool and fur from other animals, but it is. I guess because we don't herd cats or dogs.

Slightly off topic, but can't the same be done for animals normally killed for their fur? Just shave them and turn it into a crazy, think, fuzzy fun-fur yarn?


People kill animals to make accessories out of their fur. Maybe you need to get out a little to realize this isn't all that crazy.

Its too bad that so many people tend to agree with what they read, rather than thinking for themselves first.


one of the cats is called Smelly Cat! Sorry if that's already been noted.

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Term Paper

This is awesome enough as a concept and as a way to ensure the passage into eccentric old-ladyhood, but the shit that's said in this scene is priceless. It's on par with King of Kong as far as the Christopher Guest-esque seriousness in the face of absurd circumstance goes. It's like a reflexive mockumentary.

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