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December 17, 2008


Kater Tot

o_O I... Just... Wow.


LMFAO ok, that CANNOT be right


As one of those "Black Peoples," I am just glad that I have better grammar than these people.


The fact that the highlighted portion is egregiously grammatically incorrect and randomly capitalized does not surprise me.

"Due the fraud activity an Administrative Assistant position is not allowed for 'Black Peoples', sorry."?

I work as a TA at a university, and if I came across such a poorly-constructed sentence in one of my students' papers, it would get a minus sign and a sad face.


This is obviously is a fraudulent job. I hope he somehow flagged that message or contacted careerbuilder about it.

That site does not even exist! Seems to be some sort of phishing scam.


Holy Hell's bells!

Please give us a follow up. Puhleeze!


It's weird because the main body of the text is in standard English, but that lovely little note sounds an awful lot like Eastern European English to me. It seems like some kind of scam where they paid a native English speaker to write/edit the original text, then added that racist shit as an afterthought. If it was Russia though, it would say that applicants need to be female, attractive, and under 26 years old. But then who knows what's really behind this scam.


This is probably just a hoax - but I live in Japan and racial discrimination is totally legal here, as is age and appearance discrimination. They can advertise for an attractive single white woman, age 24-28 for a position, no problem.


This is so weird. Can you flag job postings?


Note definitely sounds like it was written by a foreigner.


On the other hand I could use a CareerBuilder account since I am looking for a job and this post highlighted that I can use more than LinkedIn to try to find a job (duh). I just won't take this one because I am one of those dread "Black Peoples."


Oh, you don't know Black Peoples? Of the Hamptons Peoples? I met Black once and he's not a nice guy, so I can understand why they wouldn't want him to apply and there's no need to apologize.


I'm not a "Black Peoples", but as desperate as I am for a full-time job right now, I'm sure as hell not desperate enough to work for an openly-discriminatory company. Oh, and they kind of randomly capitalized other words earlier (for example, "You").

But thanks for reminding me about CareerBuilder!


Maybe they meant 'Black Peep holes'?


Does CareerBuilder maintain a list of blacklisted people, people who have scammed CareerBuilder or its clients before? Maybe the note meant to say that they wouldn't accept applications from blacklisted people.



Totally a scam, I mean, hello the base pay is 3600 a month! I make 2400 a month and have way more responsibility than that, and I'm a state employee! Hehe.


Not to state the obvious or anything, but the grammar in the entire message is so atrocious, it's more than likely some kind of scam or fraud. If anyone responded to this posting, they'd probably get a follow-up contact asking them to wire $ money somewhere, or deposit a check they receive and then send another on for a smaller amount, etc.



It's not so much the racism as the fact that Black Peoples can't work there due to "fraud activity" - the direct implication that fraud occurred in the Administrative Assistant position because of Blacks! Or by Blacks themselves. Or that having Blacks as Administrative Assistants is in itself fraudulent because the place is run by hard-core Aryans and thus negates their world-view. Does Titney know about this injustice? Her best friend is Bah-lack! At any rate, forward the position to every African American you know, including any Black Panthers. (Please note: they should know Excel and be able to type 90 wpm.)


I could be wrong (not)

but I think that is against the law, no?



Any chance it was written by Asian peoples?


Wow. That's all sorts of illegal!


There are NO words.
Okay, maybe a few. Racist, illegal, downright dumb-headed, um RUDE, dickweedy, asshatted, and complete and total smegpot.

Am not a Black Peoples, but might jump in the Application Army just to add to the carnage.


Whoever said it sounded Eastern European, you were right. I looked up the website in the letter and found this in Google, even though the site itself appears to be down: hire, jobs, work, money, services, digital, union, corporate, corporation, travel, ... "B.L.G." Corporation was established in 2002 in Vilnius, Lithuania, ...


Ok- I got that too and showed it to my roommates. Glad to know I'm not the only one getting some ridic email from careerbuilder


A quick Google search for "BLG-corp" turned this up - it's a scam. Of course, that really has nothing to do with the whole "Black Peoples" comment, which remains ridiculous.


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