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December 09, 2008



I'm pissed I don't know enough to be if any assistance. Could I put lotion elsewhere for you?


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Em..that's brilliant. Thanks!


I first heard Krikor on the I <3 Serge comp--he remixed Love on the Beat which was definitely one of the highlights of that album. Looking forward (sort of) to checking out this track.


Thanks "M.F.", and thank you, Rich!

It's damn-near impossible to listen to even ten seconds of this without getting the urge to fling my spooge at random passerbys...

Iconic is so the right word for this track, no matter how rejiggered the treatment.


I've got the original song on MP3. So awesome! The remix is cool too.


Takes me back to the night my fiance' popped the question. During this very scene in the movie. With a penguin glove puppet.

How could I say no?


This song is amazing. Thank you and MUCH love and happy holidays from Toronto.


Sounds like early Cocteau Twins...

"I'm flyin' flyin' flyin' over YOUUUUUU hoo hoooo"

Better keep an eye on Precious... someone's trying to lure her into the well with a chicken bone...


Rich - This post brought the biggest smile to my face. About 3 or 4 months ago, my roommate and I "rediscovered" this song and it's been our jam ever since. Have you ever heard ANYTHING else by Q. Lazzarus, though? I can't find, like, song one by them besides our mutual favorite. Love and Happy Holidays!


I'd help you so hard you fucking come out your ears.


Rich and MF, I am loving you both so hard right now.


Fortunately I had the Married to the Mob soundtrack to acquaint me with Goodbye Horses, then years later saw Silence of the Lambs. Don't know how I got that lucky. Loves the song.



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You are such an inspiration to me. I wrote a piece today about writing a book, and I mentioned some great writers on OS, that have taught me so much. You are on top of that list. Thanks You!


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