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THANK YOU! I will just have to hope that every episode from now on will make you want to recap!


The thing is, I hadn't planned on watching this season, but after I read your first recap, I was like, "This shit is must see TV." So of course now I'm hooked.

In the screen caps you chose,
Sarah looks like Rhianna. Like Rhianna with a soul.


Please keep doing the recaps. At least until ANTM is back. PLEASE!


Rich, thank you for the Pedro peanut butter reference. I think of him everytime I open a jar of Skippy. "..and then he put his finger in thaa peanut buhh-durr"


That last gif of JD is pretty good. My mom always used to say, when she'd see someone walking with a pronounced swish, "she's got a hitch in her get-along". I think this applies here.

Oh, and I'm a little bit in love with Ryan.


In the picture of Sarah driving the car she looks EXACTLY like ANTM


Re: Chet, Mormons, and the media, I have to say that its a complicated issue. Having lived as a non-Mormon lesbian in Salt Lake City (which is actually less than 50% Mormon at this point), I got to witness quite the variety of Mormon thought on the gay community.

The church itself, if you were to anthropomorphize it, would be the biggest hypocritical douche-bag you can possibly imagine. I'm not religious, but I'm pretty sure that Jesus didn't preach passive-agressive disdain for your fellow human beings. That said, there are a lot of Mormons out there who are able to transcend that. I'm sorry to say that it has a direct correlation to intelligence. Mormons who are smart enough to think for themselves are able to recognize irrational hate when they see it, but the church doesn't encourage thinking for yourself, it encourages you to follow the party line. Even people of average intelligence can be enculturated to respond to difference with disdain, and the Mormon community really is all-encompassing for a lot of people.

I think the thing that the media tends to miss is the fact that the real problem is the Mormon church itself, not necessarily individual members thereof. The church is allowed to use its money (its TAX EXEMPT money, I might add) to influence political campaigns, and while the church stops short of actually telling its members who to vote for (which would cross the line they already toe with regards to their tax exempt status) they definitely make it clear which candidates and propositions they support, and they tell members to "vote with their conscience." So really, they're no different than any other group of rich, powerful, white men, aside from the fact that they have sway over an enormous number of people.

I hope that Chet continues to be an example of the more tolerant Mormons, because I think that there are a lot of Mormons slowly waking up to the hate that they've been blindly accepting. Seeing people like Chet on TV might help them realize that they aren't the only one thinking that way, and might give them the courage to voice their own opinions. Maybe that's overly optimistic of me, but I've known far too many people who have been ostracized by their own family for being gay, and the Mormon community is long overdue for a wake-up call, even if it comes via MTV.


I was suprised to see JD intoxicated, since he was all on Ryan's case for absolutly no reason about drinking last episode. That just really cheesed me off...they were at a concert, with new roomies, with an entire production crew around them to ensure no one drove, and its not like he was drinking to the point where he couldnt walk or had his head in the toliet or otherwise ruining the nite or imposing on people....who cares if someone is having a few beers.



Does anyone else think Ryan looks like the genetic lovechild of Trey Parker and Michael Cera? Just me? Okay.


Awesome post, but one thing has been bugging me, chaps are assless by design. If they werent, they'd be leather pants :P


I want to see Rich in assless chaps. The eyeliner, I can take or leave.


LOVE your recaps! Do as many as you can. We appreciate the funny!


OMG, Steph is right. I knew she looked familiar, and I've never watched this show. Good call.

Willie N

Bwahaha, I hope these recaps become a habit!
The GIFs never fail to amuse me, you always catch those perfect moments. :)

Chet and JD's argument really caught me by surprise, it seemed as if JD and Chet suddenly swapped bodies. I mean don't get me wrong, Chet seems to be a fairly intelligent man, but I would expect him or Ryan to make such a comment on immigrants rather than JD.


man my girlfriend loves jd's sanctimonious so last night's true colors ep felt like a real coup.
also please someone take katelynne shopping.
and please keep referring to chelsea as the s&m district

Shelly Johnson

I love the picture of chet's family. I've lived in utah and it looks like someone beamed them up from BYU. haha!


Hadn't planned to watch this, but read your first recap due to ANTM withdrawl and watched last night--I realized that I recognized Sarah because I spent a night at a wedding hanging out with her! She was dating a good friend's sister at the time, and was equally adorable, fun, and friendly as hell to strangers as Benevoland portrays her.


Yay for recaps! :) Keep going if you can, fourfour recaps are the highlight of my week and clearly I'm not alone!!


I was so surprised when I sided with Chet, especially on immigration. i feel that JD has a lot of issues with his family which might have in some way turned into self hate towards his own cultural background? I really love Ryan and want to see him and Chet fall in love with each other while sailing away on that little boat from last week.


Oh, Rich. It's awesome when you make me think of the music of my youth. Love you like a Fendi bag and a bad attitude!


Now you've done it. This is what you were born to do. Review away Rich!


When I heard how JD justified his attitude towards immigrants, I immediately thought of Whitney's confrontation with Dominique. I almost wished JD concluded with something along the lines of, "Where's the Reynold's Aluminum Foil?!?"


This season of the real world is inciting such an intense crisis of authority. I mean aren't I supposed to loathe this show?!!? Why have I been riveted by both episodes!?!? Why did I like the Mormon, and dislike the hot gay?!?!

Really, its crazy-making. Far too much for my brain to tackle at the moment, I'm just gonna make my way to the market and drown my confusion in sparks before its too late (appropo considering this season's location, ughhhh...fuck you MTV. First Paris' new BFF now this!!!).


I kind of liked JD before this but now I'm understanding why he is to be kept on a tight leash. Thank you Rich, for guiding me. Also - how cool would it be if Puck came back and he and JD got in a fight??



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