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January 12, 2009


Nikita Tinypaws

I worked at a museum in my youth. Sting came in to buy a ticket and he does stink. For real.

Bunk Moreland

I think your disheveled and flared Nicole Kidman is actually Amy Adams. Also, In Bruges was not too bad, though I don't think that Colin Ferrell was all that great in it. And Renee looks like the crazylady I've always thought she would be.


There were a couple of lol-worthy (and gif-worthy!) reactions last night- Colin Farell to Sting for instance.

Also, I think Colin was referring to his previous cocaine addiction? The one he went to rehab for? That's what I thought anyway. I understand why you thought STD- it is Colin afterall.


I wanted to chop Emma Thompson's bangs off and feed them to Sally Hawkins. Michael in DC


I think Colin Farrell was probably referring to his nose running in the past because of his coke habit?


i thought Seth Rogan's commentary/joke at Rourke's expense was inappropriate and very cringeworthy.


The Middle One is definitely the cute one.


I always kind of liked the Globes because they serve alchy-hall before and during the ceremony so the presenters and winners become increasingly lit throughout the presentation. I remember when Meryl Streep almost fell backwards down the stairs. Our nations most cherished actress! Here's what I NEVER get - why people get so fucking emotional about winning GG's. I understand that they are precursors to the Oscars (sometimes), but...really? Is anyone not aware that the GG's are kinda laughable?


- Drew Berrymore: she can't possibly think she comes off looking sober, much less good.

- Mickey Rourke: highly doubt he was "subtly aligning himself with the gays" and pretty much just trying to trash-talk Sean's reputation in order to get an Oscar. Happens all the time and no one is fooled. He was hot once.

- Selma Hayak: cracks my shit up on "30 Rock". Also: tits!

- Darren Aronofsky: Please stop the porn-stache madness. Brad made it passably acceptable. You look possibly do-able and you've ruined it.


yes to the quote of the year.

happy-go-lucky is an amazing movie and i'm glad she won.

i thought colin ferrel (sp?) was talking about doing coke.


p.s. renee zell scared me more than usual. she was gettin' kinda sharon stone.

Chantal Goya

In terms of Salma Hayek, you just don't know your Mexican bitches very well. She's like my tia Xochitl: looks super hostile but is a fab shit talking partner, nonetheless.


I haven't sat thru any of those Awards shows in years. Heck, even the VMA's have grown bloated and unbearable. As usual, your sacrifice in our service does not go unappreciated.

I haven't been into the GG's tho ever since reading multiple accounts about how jive the Hollywood Foreign Press is and how no one really knows who they are and the Globes are only big cause they are first. They are like the Iowa Caucus of Awards season.

Could Sean Penn really be homophobic with that portrayal of Harvey Milk? I dunno about all that, Mickey. And since you once starred in something called Wild Orchid and chose to play the role orange and shirtless, I think your judgement is permanently questionable. Not to mention the boxing career and the DUI while riding a scooter.

(yes, Joe. He was fuckable for like 5 minutes after 9 1/2 Weeks came out. I can't believe I had masturbatory fantasies about that man once.)


Props to Salman Rushdie for sending some shade Slumdog Millionaire's way. I seriously don't understand why everyone is spooging all over this movie. People are like "but its so EXOTIC and it tells it like it is!" and I am like dude, read like any Salman Rushdie novel (try Midnight's Children, The Ground Beneath Her Feet, The Moor's Last Sigh, or The Satanic Verses) for a more honest and less exploitative depiction of Mumbai.

I feel like that the movie is pitched towards people like those two American tourists that give Jamal $100 after he robs them to show them "that this is how we do things in AMERICA." As though $100/seeing a movie means that you are somehow absolved from the crimes of colonialism (not to get all Edward Said up in here before noon). Slumdog just feels so dishonest. I can't get past how it exploits the horrors of the Mumbai slums for pathos and then wraps everything up with an upbeat Bollywood number so that its not too painful for the audience and they don't have to feel too bad about it.

To go back to Salman Rushdie (I know that was a whole paragraph ago) pretty much you know it's bad when a dude who's depictions of Mumbai include psychic children with assorted superpowers and a Bollywood actor who sort of transforms into the Angel Gabriel after falling out of a plane when terrorists blow it up and has visions of the Revelation to Muhammad, while another dude turns into a satyr/devil is calling you out for being unrealistic.

Terri Strange

yeah the color purple really does deserve a remake it right.


i love the demi moore/benjamin button statement lol!

and i've been waiting for a remake of 'the color purple' as well. the movie was waaay toned down compared to the imagery in the book in so many situations. it's still an amazing movie though.


colin ferrel was talking about coke

not being sick.

gotta add, DUH!!!!!!!!


I had this on as background noise last night and was embarrassed by all the self-congradulatory dicksucking going on. I just kept yelling "It's only the fucking GGs for god sakes."

Ok, we all know that Hollywood is full of nepotism and all but I was truly annoyed at them pointing it out(with the Miss Golden Globe bullshit, way to go, Tater Head, you hold an award)


What was up with all the ladies' hair? It's like they all took a group field trip to the Steel Magnolias salon.


1. The middle one is definitely the cute one.

2. The Demi Moore comment made me laugh. (True dat)

3. Oh hai, why no mention of the announcer first mispronouncing Angelina Jolie's name and then Kate Winslet calling her "the other one". That's comedy gold!

4. Haven't seen slumdog millionaire, but fluck - was I annoyed that it was winning all the awards - for the WHITE people, but you know, the BROWN people who actually starred in the movie and whom it was about, not only don't get nominated, but are barely mentioned while all the white viewer/voters are practically having orgasms while the white winners are patting themselves on the back. I mean, what the fluck, right? If the movie was so freaking great, WHY weren't the actors nominated for anything?

Just more bullshit "My, we're NICE white folks, aren't we? Voting for this film about brown people."


5. You were tired of Emma Thompson's speech? What about Kate Winslet's second one? Wow. Bad overacting.

And not the entertaining kind.


I personally loved Slumdog Millionaire, and I disagree with chasgoose that it was exploitative. To me it was just a fairytale movie, but more like one of those creepy German fairy tales. I know it didn't work for some people, but to me the suspension of disbelief and the grittiness of the first half of the movie didn't contradict each other.

Now why I'm commenting about this on a website, I dunno.


I have no desire to see Ben Buttons for two reasons:
1) Brad Pitt
2) The perpetuation once again of the good negress stereotype in a lot of movies. Why not just have Ben's mammie sing "Swing Low."



Things I learned from the Golden Globes this year:

1. I really have to start watching Mad Men, that red-headed secretary (I assume she's a secretary) is tres hot.
2. Must find a theatre in my town that is actuallty playing Slumdog Millionaire, The Wrestler and maybe I should see Revolutionary Road...I like Kate Winslet. I don't find her phoney like so many American actresses (I'm Canadian, and I honestly couldn't name one A+ actress from here).
3. Tina Fey doesntt seem as grateful as she did last year.
4. Sally Field chose not to hide her grey hair or was it the lighting? (is it because of that show she's on? I can't bring myself to watch it)
5. Blake Lively looked stunning, she just needed a hair brush....there were no real fancy hair-dos this year. I feel robbed =p


I'm loving that chasgoose got all Edward Said up in here.


Honestly, Nicole Kidman was just channeling her BMX Bandits days. http://meyoueverything.files.wordpress.com/2008/01/bmx-bandits.jpg

Steven Spielberg: yeah he did hatch up the relationship between Celie and Shug; but that was due in part of NAACP bitching about the relationship of the two. I too would love a remake; but I can just about imagine the backlash it would receive. I know plenty of people who didn’t like the musical because it was more true to the book; in regards to Celie and Shug’s relationship. I would just ask them, “Did you read the book?” The answer was almost always, “No, but I saw the movie!” Whatever.

How could you not speak upon Kate Winslet calling Angelina Jolie, “the other one.” Classic! (Did you doze off at that part?)

I was sooo happy that Mickey Rourke won. Not only because of his performance; but I knew he would give a very entertaining acceptance speech.

Thanks all who are encouraging me not to waste my money on Ben Button and Slumdog Millionaire. I can so see me talking smack about both movies.


thank god someone else didn't like benjamin button. it was boring. and, as a new orleanian, the katrina shit was out of line. old woman on her deathbed, reminiscing about life and death and how things change, with fucking hurricane katrina bearing down on the city? i'm pretty sure mr. pitt probably shoehorned that bit in, since he's so down with my city. snort. also, his accent was just plain wrong.

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