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yayayay first

John T.

haha, so glad youre doing these, i hope you feel better soon, emergen-c works like a wonder, but ryans gif thinking about chets wet dream, hahahahah, cute ryan should always open these posts, thanks again


I hate JD with every ounce of my soul.


I'm thinking that they probably cut out part of Sarah's story to avoid some sort of defamation lawsuit. Her explanation seemed edited to hell.

But for real, her dad was creepsters and sounded like Mr. Garrison.


I think I'm in love with this season..... They're not completely drunk. Not completely assholes. Not completely dismeaning... just completely fucking hilarious!


jd gets on my nerves more and more with each episode. he has that 'holier than thou' thing going on...annoying!

devyn had me cracking up when she said "dismeaning". haha! and she bombed in the showdown with angelique...her star spangled banner wasn't that bad though.


I have started watching the show and mentally predicting which scenes you'll gif! It's surprisingly entertaining.


In regard's to JD and magnum condoms:

You know I could go out and buy an XXL hooded sweatshirt, it doesn't mean I'll fit in it.

Movie Maven

Devyn sounds like she has Anita Baker with mashed potatoes in her throat in her throat.

Most apt description ever. And thankfully, I do know 'bout you, and was banking on a shot of old-timey villian-mustachioed Ryan this week. Thank you.


Love Luv Lurve you and this entry Rich!!!!!

Here's my breakdown

1. I hope Sarah's story was edited because it completely fell short. The editing (if it was edited) make her abuse seem so ambiguous it was awkward. And then on that after show did you notice the host guy crack a job about not playing patty cake behind a curtain? That was kinda fucked up.

2. Devin sounded a hot ass mess with mashed potatoes clogging her throat. Check. Bitch can't sing. Hopefully her boobs will get her gigs. But, I totally loved her butch queen non-hugging of JD. JD = Just (a) Douchebag.

3. At first I thought Chet was a closet case. Now, I'm thinking he's just socially awkward and wakes up with spunk on himself.
He's growing on me! lol


I was hoping I wasn't the only one who caught that 'dismeaning,' lol.


Look, I don't want to undermine what Sarah went through and I am sure it is horrible. At one point later in the episode she mentions that she wasn't able to press charges because her father DIDN'T ACTUALLY DO ANYTHING. He creeped her out and she thought he might. It just seems that she would be better off if she let that dream die.

BTW- LOVE YOU RICH! I hope you are 100% well in time for ANTM. I got to meet Whitney because of my job and I told her about your blog. I am equally hopeful and terrified that McKey could be making an appearance some time soon.


Sarah's story was definitely edited. Badly, in fact. I thought Devyn's voice was pretty good when she was preparing for her audtion. It was pretty obvious that Angelique chose to "extend the olive branch" because she knew she had the advantage. Devyn's been in a club all night, consuming alcohol and probably screaming above the noise to be heard, so of course she'll sound like shit and make Angelique look better in comparison. I was actually a little disgusted that Angelique chose to feed into the rivalry shit that JD was trying to stir up, but eh, what do you expect from someone who chooses to be friends with JD in the first place?


I LOVE "'Mom.' 'WHAT?'" so much. Too great.

But yeah Sarah's story was so weak that I really have to hope it was edited out and all, because I don't want her father to be validated about "YOUR MOTHER FED YOU LIIIIIIIES."


I've been obsessed with that Phone Manners video, too. I love how she weasels out of the phone call with her clearly suicidal friend.

Agreed with all who said Sarah's story must've been edited.


I sort of have a ladyboner for Chet. Shhh... Don't tell anybody.


"We kissed like this."

"Like alligators?"

And with that, Ryan assumes the rank of My Favorite Real World Male Crush everrrrrrr. Sigh. I hope that it's just shitty teaser editing for next week and that he doesn't actually turn out to have PTSD or something.


Dude, stop trying to make me have a crush on Ryan, please. My resistance is wearing thin...


jd IS the worst... and after his whole whine-fest-2009 about Chet's pranks and how they needed to stop, we see him shooting shaving cream into Chet and Ryan's room triggering some sort of PTSD freakout in poor Ryan....

stompie smax

i find the fact that devyn used the word "tardy" to describe being late to her audition so adorable. she's such a little over-achiever, she still uses school vocabulary to talk about her daily life!


What on *earth* is that Phone Manners video from? I must investigate.

And also make a cap of the very end bit that says "EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE!" and use it as wallpaper on all my computers & my BlackBerry. Priceless.


That Phone Manners clip is awesome! But the best part are the comments on YouTube.


Nothing like a nice light corn dog lunch before an audition.


I'm excited, they announced the girls of ANTM C12, can't wait to hear if you find them as boring as I do.


love the real world entries a lot rich...
and that burger thing made all the people I work with almost pee in their pants.
I miss pot psychology!

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