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Monica C.

Love, love, love this! JD started out as the "one to like" and now I can't stand him.

Chet looked craaazy dancing! Poor guy. He actually has swagger - which makes him attractive. But then when it's time for him to put his money where his mouth is and actually do something - like dance - then he's all, "This worked on that episode of Full House that I watched." So sad.


My other favorite phrase..."No offense."


i wish you would make a gif of drunken JD coming into Katelynn's room with his bowl of lucky charms.

that's Mrs. Nigel to you

Am I the only one that noticed that Devyn was engrossed in her makeup maintenance the whole time Sarah was confiding in her??????!!!!!???? wtf??? Despite anyone's eyebrow raising about the Sarah's abuse, that was not right.
Devyn= Most Shallow in the House. (not to mention bad actress)


Hilarious. I just did a Google search for "dismeaning" and this page came up. So, just to be clear, that's not a word...




That made me happy. I wonder if Chet wears the super special Mormon underwear?

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I'm having fun staying on your blog.. keep your post going!! you had such imagination creating this entry..


Devyn is sooooo Mr. G from 'Summer Heights High' ... her whole speech about how she's performed on a 'collegiate level'. hilarious stuff.


As soon as I heard "dismeaning", I said "Rich will catch that one and have a field day with it." I, too like most of the cast members. I like the variety and they seem like nice motivated people. When do we get to see more of the work out guy? (I can't even think of his name)


Oh god, JD is so fucking annoying. And that cute latin face is not enough damnit!

But at least there's still Ryan, right?
He's got a face and body that Sean Cody would jizz allover.


So did you see the Toyota commercial during the super bowl? The deep voice announcer mentions the truck's "trannie" twice, and ends with: "The truck is changing it all."
Is is odd that I immediately thought to email you?


That phone etiquette bit is from my friends blog! Just want to let you know... check it out.

Also, you are wonderful. I love you almost as much as I love winston.


That phone etiquette bit is from my friends blog,! Check it out...

Also, good job as usual. I love you almost as much as I love Winston.


WHERE IS THAT PHONE VIDEO FROM???? That is the weirdest, most hilarious thing I have ever seen. It totally looks like she's sleeping in a dorm room in the first scene.

I really think I have to start every phone conversation now with "My life is terrible. (Sniff) Do you have three hours to talk about it?"

Thanks for giving me the best WHAT. THE. FUCK. moment I've had in months.


angelique looked like matador from the pickup artist, but with makeup on lol.


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