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January 21, 2009



I like her legwarmers

Holy Cuteness

Yuk, she is wearing crocs...
Her message is very clear.


You should submit this to PassiveAggressiveNotes.com


Wow, "absolutely, completely, explicitly, precisely." NO NO NO! I also like "I sue against dumping."


Wow, she really challenges the old saying "beggars can't be choosers". I love her little private seat and roped off area - so industrious!


This is amazing. God bless NYC!


whoaa. seems like it might've been dangerous just photographing this scene.


i'd be more concerned about what she might give others...or what she might leave behind on the seat or floor


I agree with Sarah. Did she even notice that you were taking photos?

Noel Brinkley

She probably has more cash than I do currently. shit.


wow - and I thought Winnipeg did homeless to another level...I do appreciate her velvet rope!

Does she live on the train? (are people allowed to do that?) or does she tie and retie that rope everywhere she goes?


Whatever it is I want it NOT.

I appreciate her attention to proper spelling.


Shit, I thought you lived in LA!


I second the suggestion that this should be submitted to passiveagressivenotes.com at once.


Truly, Rich, you expand my horizons. I thought taking cold water and sandwiches up to the gypsies and their dog at the local stoplight this summer and having a chat about this and that was helping to do that. Between rebel flags on the Jersey shore, Schappell twins sightings, demented day parks, and now an apparently homeless woman demanding that you give her nothing, I feel like a woman of the world. There is just so much awesome stuff out there that I'm missing. Thank goodness you're here! Way to take care of us shut-ins, Rich. You continue to rock.


You need to submit this to passiveaggressivenotes.com; they will love it!!


Mental illness is a stone-cold bitch.


I'm amazed she let you take her pic

Dolores Blecher

One October day in 1984, I was walking down Market Street in San Francisco and I was suddenly accosted by a homeless woman. I was just out shopping and all of a sudden she starts yelling at me, telling me that I was a rude bitch and how could I have done what I did? When I asked what it was I had done, she pointed out the chalk marks on the sidewalk she'd drawn in the form of a floor plan. It was the condo she was now living in. I had walked right through the outside wall of her kitchen, through a small closet and then out the wall of her dining room. My curiousity seemed to appease her a bit because she then told me I was lucky to be alive since she lived on the 14th foor. "You coulda broken yer neck!"

Well, I felt so guilty for all the property damage I had done I went to the nearby Merrill's and bought her batteries for the portable vacuum she complained didn't work. We got it working and sure enough, she went about her housekeeping.

Later that day, in the same neighborhood, I was approached by a seemingly friendly elderly woman in Woolworths. She sweetly asked "By any chance, are you French?" I was a little startled and amused by the question and I told her "Well, there's some French on my father's side". She then smiled, patted me on the shoulder and said "Well, thank you for the Statue of Liberty" and walked away.

Now tell me, were they crazy? Or was I?

Washington Cube

I agree with Chris. Mental Illness is heartless.


I COMPLETELY saw this lady on an R train the other day. No joke, Rich, I know exactly the one you mean. Same blue Crocs and hoodie. She was tooting idly into a harmonica.

All I could do was feel really, really bad for her. There's no way this is a sane, happy individual.


Okay... long time reader, first time commenter. And I'm not even writing to say that you're awesome and brave to take those pictures of that fierce bitch on the train, Rich. Nope, I'm writing to comment on a comment! Specifically Dolores. I seriously just laughed until I couldn't breathe anymore. That was quite possibly the funniest thing I've read in a long ass time, and I thank you for that.


I have to see this woman! I thought I had encountered all of the characters on the NYC subway, it never ends.


Brenda: Chris I'm begging you, it's really scary here. I've just seen three people shoot up, a bald Chinese lady with no pants on, and there's this old guy outside who wants his bedroom slippers!
Old Man: [banging on telephone booth] Get out of my house!
Brenda: [kicks out a small box and the guy's slippers] You just moved!

Rob R

thas mah train SAY HAYYYyYYYy4!!!

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