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Great. I like reading your posts


It's an interesting take on Prop 8. I've always said I'm thankful for Fred Phelps and his gang of loonies, because if there's anything that has ever united our country, it's the belief that Fred Phelps is off his rocker.

Also, I'm not a very interactive person when it comes to watching television or movies by myself, but when Jon Stewart said "Religion is more of a choice than homosexuality," I put my fist to my mouth and shouted "Oh, shit!"


great list. i too found myself loving mimi's album after an initial, understandable hate. mariah will probably settle down and have a baby now, and name it after herself, accordingly.

things can only go up after prop 8 passing, you know? that's how i look at it.

the only thing i question is why you're still looking at mtv...i stopped watching it years ago. i just can't, you know?
happy new year.


Wait, you didn't like Benjamin Button...?


OMFG Rich - I LOVED this post! My favorite part was regarding dude scarfs - I absolutely HATE them. Those and those damn suit vests! When I see the 2 together, I nearly have a heart attack!


"Most Bea Arthur-ass trend ever". Hahahaha. Oh god, the end was the cherry on top of an amazing year end list.


Thank heavens someone brings up those ridiculous scarves. They're EVERYWHERE in Portland, it's like a cancer.


Great conclusion to a great set of posts.
Although I was anticipating the Leona Lewis bit.

Hehe, "you stop it."

TyTy Baby

I heart this blog.

Terri Strange

Yeah, the dude scarves ARE everywhere in Portland....

I'm glad to read someone actually willing to say that Obama doesn't have conviction over this whole Warren issue, although I've been aware of this for the past year. It gives me a sense of hope though to see that people are getting kicked in the butt and ready to start holding people like him accountable to their votes, 2009 is gonna be a fighting year.


Why does that scarf always accompany severe hygiene issues? I long for the day that it is cool to look CLEAN.


SCARFSTERS! I highly doubt the great Dorothy Petrillo Zbornak would endorse this busted fad.

HOWEVER. Bottom row, center is hot in a pensive, forlorn hipster kind of way.


The fact that you can include, MC, Prop 8, and dude scarves in the same post, makes me further heart you, Rich!

Yes, Ms. Mariah did herself in on this album by being too much of herself. TEOM was a much better and more mature album, but E=MC2 has grown on me so much and it's a shame that it flopped. But, I look forward to more Mariahisms in 2009 with her potential Cannon bun in the oven.

Well, this chick has to migrate. Bye!


Hey, now, I love me some Bea Arthur.


If you've seen how Mariah spent her New Year's Eve....IE, squeezed between Jay-Z, Beyonce, and L.A. Reid's wife, sitting on Nick's lap, essentially smothering the little hat-wearing guy like a beamingly happy pork chop covered in sequiny gravy....

You just KNOW she's gonna bring some of that crazy chick hotness in 2009.


yeah dude scarves are not cute. but aw benjamin button was super cute. it was like forest gump II. sewwwww qt.


Did you mention that the Asian girlfriend with bangs was a necessary accessory to said scarf?


I used to be an active member of ONTD (2004) before it became so mainstream. Now I only check it once in a while. it used to be a lot better back when Erin (the owner) was an active part of it. now it's full of garbage like Hannah Montanna, Lady GaGa, Jonas Brothers, and Gossip Girl. People only post on that community now for the sake of commenting and the douchery associated with it.

seeing the fringe scarves every where is annoying, i agree. as a fashion accessory, they're really not that bad though. they're derived from a Balenciaga collection by Nicolas Ghesquière. it's amazing how influential that accessory was to the world.

for me, i think the most annoying thing that came of out of 2008 was the birth of the hipster, they've ruined Brooklyn (especially Williamsburg) and that fringe scarf as well.

Great list, Rich. why didn't you like Benjamin Button?


I think the Bea Arthur comparison only legitimizes dude scarves in my eyes!


She says "Accentuate my tits"? I must have the edited version. I appreciate that song so much more now.

Miss Lisa

Portland is cold. A scarf does make sense. And Bea Arthur is fierce. As long as hipsters don't start wearing her trademark floor-length vests, I'm OK.

California isn't quite the liberal mecca it appears to be. Perhaps California could work on that in 2009.


umm juju hipsters have been around longer than 2008.

and that scarf is still being worn? folks are 4 yrs late


Rich, this year-end series has done what i thought impossible, made me adore you even more. ever since i found out you think big guys are hot i've had this "what if i'd never moved to san francisco when i turned 23 in '92, and i still lived on the east coast?" thing going through my head, so we could cross swords, er, paths heh heh. seriously, you're the only internet guy that regularly makes me wanna lick my screen. i think your love of "goodbye horses", fabulous stains and new order were the main things that increased my love. ever seen Times Square with Tim Curry, Robin Johnson and Trini Alvarado? i'd love to hear your take on it. big hearts across the continent xo pete


Mickey Rourke owned the screen as Marv in "Sin City." I hope he doesn't go the John Travolta Comeback Route and do a few powerful roles followed by "Battlefield Earth 2."
Here's wishing Aronofsky gets the Oscar he was denied for "The Fountain" (that was one of the most gorgeous, compelling, and thought-provoking movies ever, which a lot of people probably didn't like because they had to think about it) and Rourke gets the Oscar he deserves.

Happy New Year, Rich and family!


I'm very curious on your opinion of Benjamin Button! I rather enjoyed it.

Also, that Daily Show interview just proved that no matter how "rational" someone like Huckabee tries to be regarding that issue, there are just so many loopholes that cannot be ignored.

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