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January 22, 2009



that image of ryan humping that pole is oddly arousing,

but then again, i'm gay.


i have been waiting for this all day, since i read the recap on gawker.


Haven't watched the show at all, so perhaps it's different when you see the personalities, but just from the 1 picture here, Baya = Hannah?


Yess! I was thinking about your recap the entire time I was watching it!


whoops, link got lost:

Marcus Powers

Pineapple juice. Ha.



I just realized one of my friends, Carolyn, is exactly like Baya. Looks the same kinda crazy, acts the same kinda crazy. I'm shocked! Since I don't watch the show and only read your recaps, I wonder if Baya, like Carolyn, would also think Russia is a continent? (Thank God I was at a red light when my friend said this, because seriously, I would've had an accident from laughing too much. Not very nice, but come onnnnnnnn!)


Ugh such a boring fucking season so far! I don't watch this show to see boring people live boring lives. I watch this show for the drinking fucking and fighting!

I totally totally think that Katelynn's boyfriend is being distant because he's scared that now people know he's dating a transgendered girl.

I also think that Chet is going to either come out of the closet when' he's about 50.. or he'll just fuck guys on the downlow. There is no doubt in my mind that he loves the cock but just can't admit it to himself or anyone else.

I might start watching! Please MTV make them drink fuck and fight!


The only reason I'm watching this show is because you're recapping it--thanks!!


I cannot stop rolling on the floor with glee about that ryan GIF. you have out done yourself ms thang!


Speaking of ANTM lookalikes...

Katelynn and Heather??????


Ryan looks like *both* of the male dancers from Moby's "New York New York" video.

And was that the only shirtlessness from Scott, or are you holding out on us?
Bad Rich.
Great recap.

Wholahay Brown

I love you so much for recapping Real World this season. You're the awesomest


I love that you are doing these posts SO MUCH - your gifs get me through my darkest days. Really, the show would be best if it was a Ryan/Chet Bromance, as Devyn seems too dumb to function (no, getting slapped with meat cutlets is not cute, flirtatious, or indicative of future booty pumpin), JD is pissy, Scott seems to constantly have little cartoon birdies flying around his head, Sarah is a spokesperson for Ludens, and Katelynn is... well, Katelynn is confusing.

Did you catch some of the Real World picture posts on ontd? There are some GEMS of Chet, I'll tell you what.

Tammi Littlenut

Oh my god! Seeing that "BFF-O-Meter" scribbled in Devyn's notebook just unlocked some horrible, repressed memories from my childhood. When I was eleven, I had a "Popular-O-Meter" in my marble notebook that looked JUST like that: pink ink, crazy chicken scratch writing and all! The only real difference is that I cut out pictures of people from the yearbook and taped them by the corresponding social level, with my picture right above the kid who never talked and always wore the same gross camouflage pants every day.

Anyway, I'm willing to bet that by the end of the season, Chet will get wasted on a wine cooler and end up trying to make out with JD.


Um this has nothing to do with this post, really, but I had a dream last night that the new cycle of ANTM was on, and I was SO HAPPY, because it meant new fourfour recaps! So of course, I called you, Rich, to express my glee. You were very sweet, so thanks for that! Of course, since you're doing Real World recaps, I'll have twice as much glee in the waking world.


Damn, but Devyn needs to lay off the pancake foundation. Girlfriend had it slathered on in that episode.

that's Mrs. Nigel to you

I agree w/ "K". Your re-caps give me the fuel I need to watch this boring season. Thanks!!


I could watch homeboy pole-humping all day, and I don't even know if it's a sexual thing.

There's something so captivating about it.


Vomitometer for the win!

despite being boring, this episode had plenty of rich nuggets for you, I cringed so hard when I saw that BFFometer


The COUNT! Totally...thank you.


I was SO grossed out seeing Katelynn grinding up against that guy in the bar.

Not because she's transgendered or anything, just because of her complete and total lack of ANYTHING resembling rhythm.


Vomitometer. Best. Graphic. EVER!

Verbal Cupcake

I thought the "BFF-o-meter" was hilarious. I thought Devyn was just being silly, and it kind of cracked me up.

I love Sarah and think she needs more screen time. As for her upcoming "drama"--the clip they played before the actual end of the episode showed her telling the camera that she was a victim of sexual abuse by her father, and her father was the one calling her on the phone. Scary and awful. She seems like such a positive, empathetic person. I can't imagine what it would feel like to have this person suddenly reappear in your life. Just awful.

-Sarah F.


Oh Rich- You are the best! The Vomitomter is classic. Poor Katelyn, I think her BF back home wants to get out of their relationship.

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