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January 15, 2009



I saw this a while back, loved it.
I'm happy you took some screen shots, they're going to make great wallpapers for my desktop! :D


Oh man, Black Hole is one of my favorite comics ever. Our little once-a-month book club is discussing it in February. I'm definitely downloading and bringing this to the meeting.

Holy Cuteness

Ehmmmm, well I think I pass...


I loved Black Hole. Even though it was a disquieting, eerie read. The nightmarish quality..like a bad dream, in a good way.

His segment of "Fear(s)" looks amazing.


Fear(s) of the Dark is currently playing on Comcast On Demand under IFC in Theaters, FYI


Black Hole was an awesome read in terms of story and style. i seem to remember you mentioning this earlier, thanks for the reminder i will ...ahem... watch it.
also Waltz with Bashit is ...ahem... available . see it see it see it, best film this year. oh and Happy-Go-Lucky but i already harassed you bout that one!
thanks again.

Noel Brinkley

ok I need to see this movie...Also I NEED to see new Pot Psychology...I hope everything is fine and that it comes back sooner than later. Honestly I look forward to it more than I should and feel for it the way you feel about "The Paper". It's a t.v. show to me and you and Tracie are perfectly different to make each PP hilarious and brilliant at times. Please don't quit on this pot head.


We just watched this on IFC On Demand. It...wasn't what I was expecting. But I enjoyed it, mostly. I also enjoyed laughing at the hilarious uber-Frahnch "nightmare" monologues that included statements like "I'm afraid of mediocrity. I'm afraid of being embarrassed by Iraqi villagers watching Western TV..."

omg ME TOO!! stuff of NIGHTMARES!


Forgive me, as this is not related to your post. (Though, all your posts are clever and well written. You are clearly an analytical thinker, which seems rare these days in the blogging world.) I just wanted to express disappointment at the suspension of Pot Psychology. You and Tracie were quite entertaining; however, you always gave better advice. I will miss your clever remarks and your laughter.

I wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors. I will continue to enjoy your blog.


i also LOVE Pot Psychology, and would almost never read the other stuff on Jezebel if it weren't the initial draw to get me on the site. Just sayin'. i like Charles Burns, this was definitely the best of the bunch of all those shorts.



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What a frightening song.
No snow just lots of sunshine! Should be a beautiful Halloween night~

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Thanks Mary! I remember that night like yesterday when they were all sitting in the dark with flashlights. Some how our kids turned out okay! Hahaha!

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