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Ummm, it's also a kitten in a trash can. Can't help but think of dumpster babies.

Megan J is one of my favorite websites. I mean, seriously, this stuff is always gold.


There are usually some pretty good examples of this stuff here:


The Engrish shit never gets old, ya know?


I had no idea Elyse was still livejournaling! I just started reading it again and realized how awesome she is, all over again.
Also, I miss PP. Whats the deal?


Did you use "over the moon" to infuriate Michael K of Dlisted??????


Perfect! Yours and Elyse's are my favorite favorite blogs ever, the only ones I check and read daily. Now I just love her, you, and Winston more. Everything is so sublimely connected, it makes me fell all fuzzy inside! Now I wish I could eat some Winston mixed with coriander...


The kitty is in a trash can! It's been abandoned and can't understand why it is all alone!

So depressing.


could you please divulge where this vegetarian place in flushing is? also, this might sound super creepy, but did you have dinner at butter a few nights ago?


Winston would probably taste like cheezburgers.


The label on the can is pretty hilarious, too:

"Do you know obaketsu? A simple, light and a classic style."


My world becomes smaller with every post in every blog I read. At least you can guard Winston from annihilation by coriander. You should create some inappropriate trapper keeper covers featuring Winston, and perhaps send them over to I'd wear that shit.

mike @ MAO

I didn't know Winston mixed with Coriander.

Sounds too fury for me!


OMFG. Ok, I giggled a little at the Winston menu item....

and I laughed out loud at the Sweet Friend and his Sweetest Proposal...

but I fucking lost it over the kitten in a trash can. Crying, stomach hurting laughter. Holy fucking crap. Let us all stop and thank the gods for bad translations!


"You should create some inappropriate trapper keeper covers featuring Winston, and perhaps send them over to I'd wear that shit."

fo sho. i'd be all up in those hoodies.


Haha, I was gonna ask the same thing about the "over the moon" phrase since Michael K has been having an "over the moon watch" on dlisted, what with all the celebrity babies being conceived lately.


Elyse's blog is a goldmine.
Ah love it!


"sub" Trapper-Keeper - AHAHAHAHAHA! Reminds me of the fake Nikes/Addidas from Kinney's we had to get as kids 'cause my dad was too cheap to buy the name brands.

Since we're talking about MichaelK, and speaking of inappropriate, "yearning for your gentle touch" reminded me of that REALLY inappropriate Chipendiddies video and what MichaelK said about it: "the WTF train just flew off a cliff"!!!!!! Kitties yearning to be held is more like "the WTF train tooted in concern"


Your banner is awesome! That's right before they start singing along to My Sharona right?

Oh and your hero? The guy from the new Toddlers and Tiara's on TLC....he was the highlight of the whole show! "I don't understand how she lost talent - she did a backflip!"


THANK YOU for your banner, I'm having a horrible day today and it put a smile on my face. That and the baton twirler pageant dad.

My dad gave me a gas card in college, and I totally pulled a Lalaina on him. Yes, one month there was an almost $500 gas bill.


Off-topic, but I knew you would have the "pageant dad" on your site somewhere after last night!!


Like Gen already said, yours and Elyse's are my two favorite blogs. It gives me such a dorky thrill that you each read the other's.

Dandy Darkly

Awesome - this is like some super special secret crossover issue of whatever super cool nerdy comic I was reading as a kid.

Fan of Elyse, and of course fan of FourFour.

Can we get an interview w/ ANTM's most successful professional working model sometime up in here?

James Winsoar

That "winston" looks yummy!

Dennis N.

OKAY I vote for gifs in the "My Hero" section from here on out!

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