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You may not have luck at calling what the brain-dead public will love, but you always turn me on to amazing new or new-to-me music. I love this! I love your blog! You're fantastic. Keep up the good work. You blow my mind with the frequency and quality of posts (despite your flu-tripping). You make VH1blog readable.


I love how the production knocks. It seems for me lately most things I love the mainstream is not picking up completely either. Have you heard new Ciara? More importantly her song "I Don't Remember?" Also written by Ne-yo. My favorite song of the year so far.


Hey Rich,

I've been reading the blog for a while now. I love it. I figured you might like to see this, in case you haven't already seen it.


I like the song alot but I'm not sold on her as an artist, I'm more impressed by NeYo's production skills. I still don't understand what's soo special about her, it's not in her voice, she's not writing her own lyrics, what is it?


Thank you so much for sharing this!!!!! The pacing is absolutely perfect and I can't stop listening to the subtle spot-on crescendo starting at 2:15. sigh, love. this.

Also, i miss pot psych =(


"Erykah Badu's most recent trip through the country by way of spaceship"

I've never heard such an accurate description of the 'Queen Goddess of Afro-Eccentrism' Erykah in my life, haha!

I've always liked Chrisette Michelle, but I do think this is better than the 'old school' R&B feel they went with for some of the songs on her last album.

Thanks for alerting me to this!

oliver darque

is it just me, or does this song kinda sound
like what solange would've done?

anyway, it's a pretty song nonetheless. =]


I am super into the audiovisual masterpiece that is this track accompanied by the pageant dad gif.


Love this song right now. I actually really loved Chrisette's debut. It was a bit uneven at times, but "Mr. Radio" and "Like a Dream" are both so perfect that they leave enough of a glow to make up for any missteps on the album. Her voice is something quite special, so I'm glad Def Jam is giving her another chance.


Love Chrisette, I can't stand Ne-Yo. That is all.



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