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January 08, 2009



I cannot get over the fact that he called Katelynn "It." ... that's just wrong!


I need to catch up on that season! Ryan somehow reminds me of wrinkly German sausages, don't know why! hahaha


I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this episode. I may have to stick around. I like JD, I like tranny-but-not-a-hot-tranny-mess Katelynn, I like former lesbian Sarah. Everyone else ... I'll wait and see.


Oh, an addendum: if Chet is supposed to be attractive--I have reason to believe this is MTV's intent--he is NOT. Ugly. Absolutely hideous face.


i don't know, man, i HATED ryan. when he called katelynn "it" it drove me NUTS. and having gone to a very large state school in pennsylvania, well, i had to put up with too many dirty-hat-wearing over-opinionated douchebags from pennsyltucky to be willing to write this guy a free pass for being "soulful."

that said, i'm totally excited to watch the conversion episode where he stands up for katelynn, and i'll gasp a lot, and rewrite this comment, and apologize for everything. so i guess we agree!


I love you Rich!


Now I have another show I can forgo actually watching and read your always superior recaps!


That disgust-face is unconvincing. Like when you're 9 and your best friend says, "Billy has a crush on you," and you totally play it off as "oooooh, yuuuuuck." When actually, you have a Lisa Frank folder totally devoted to your future wedding plans.


Rich, every Monday I have missed the back-to-work-but-OMG-ANTM-recap-day!!!! high. Are you considering doing a routine recap of this show, as it touches on issues close to your heart and (at least mine) your reader's hearts? I would love to have something to look forward to again at lunch on Monday!!

Also, can you please do a part 2 and talk about the other girls???

Holy Cuteness

Haha that guy looks so crazy...


The first thing I noticed was that during the whole episode, one person got drunk ONCE. Is mtv trying to tone it down? Are they limiting the cast's ass-hattery? It seems like something producers would try to manipulate in order to have a more "genuine" episode or something (as opposed to the last dozen or so seasons of unrelenting douchery).


In Ryan's defense, that disgust face came directly after Katelynn discussing the mechanics of threesomes thru fivesomes. You know, on the first day. I'm sure Ryan's imagination was running a little wilder than he wanted it to.

Noel Brinkley

I too have been off the Real World for some time... However, last night I found my way back. I sincerely like everyone on the cast in one way or another. Seriously They seem pretty awesome. Ryan and Sarah being my favorites. Ryan is cute and very gif-able.


with practically 4 LGBT people in the house, this has to be the gayest Real World ever... Anyone catch the after show in which Ryan sings a totally gay song to Chet? I can't help but be excited to see where this Bromance goes...


Yay for Sarah's Care Bear Stare! Sarah is the Alison Kelly of the Real World Brooklyn.


I'm only here to for the obligatory "The Real World has sucked since _______." You can guess a person's age by what city is in that blank. I'm going with "San Francisco, which means that Ryan would give me the same look that is posted in the clip above.

Also, "I love so and so to death" is the new "Not to be a bitch, but..." Like, you know that the next thing out of the person's mouth is going to be the absolute BITCHIEST thing they can possibly think of, but by saying "I love them to death", they've absolved themselves of the consequences.


Oh my god, I thought that was you in the red shirt! I was like, when did Rich interview that chick from Real World, and how does he know Ryan. Haha!


*just the tip*

You know, I watched this today and was surprised (and ashamed) to like it. Does this mean weekly recaps?

john t

please please please do more recaps, i can understand if the rest of the episodes arent as good as the first one, but this is the only real world ive been hooked on for sooooo long, thank you for doing this


OMFG Rich...I was watching Real World HOOOOOPING you would cover it since it's in..well - BROOKLYN, and when I came here I almost peed my pants from happiness!! :)))
And you and JD totally look alike! :)
When I was watching the show I was STFU that dude looks like Rich...haha

But in all honesty, this Real World seems promising unlike the previous seasons. I will definitely tune in again!

Atherton Bartelby

I'm not usually one to get hooked on recap blogs, no matter how great of a writer the blogger is (and you are fabulous, btw!). But when I read this inaugural installment after Auto-Win shared it this evening, I knew I simply HAD to add your blog to my RSS Reader so I can keep up with your assessment of TRW:B. Fantastically funny, my friend.


Ha! I wasn't going to say anything, but I have noticed that the guys you find hot always seem to look a lot like you. And not even just because of the shaved head thing. But I don't think that implies narcissism - for some reason I think it's a pretty common thing, at least among those attracted to the same sex. I'm sure there's a very interesting psychological explanation.


"And I'm not going to point out his hotness so that everyone can be like, "He looks like you," and imply narcissism and whatever."

sorry, but WTF?!?


I agree with Erica...will you please do a weekly recap of this show? I promise to continue to watch if I can read your weekly recaps. I seriously laughed my way through this entire recap...you are so funny.

I did see the resemblance between you and JD...but you don't take yourself so damn seriously. Maybe thats because you don't train dolphins though.

Care Bare Stare or not, I love Sarah.


Chet isn't metro or gay; he's just an alt.


Although, being alt is pretty damn similar to being gay. I'd love to know his musical tastes.


I'm so glad I'm not the only former real world fan (I watched the first six seasons religiously and kept hoping the next four would be better before I gave up) who is totally back on board with this cast.

JD is as hot as he is awful. Which makes him pretty fucking hot. Sarah is my favorite. And gay or not, I find Devyn's boobs mesmerizing.

The real question is...in 21 more seasons, will we be watching Scott on Confessions of a Teen Idol?

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