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I never understood the term "fag out" as in "That songs makes me fag out like no other" until now. Thank you for finding this song Rich. It is truly magical.


"Gee" is a pretty magical experience. Thanks, Rich.


Nine members? That's enough to have one for every supreme court judge. Suck it, New Main Street Singers.


INFECTIOUS! It's already stuck in my head.


Just like Morning Musume(a rotating 8 strong team team of jailbait singing bubblegum pop in saucy outfits) from Japan.Aspirational for the tween market and a favourite of salarymen and geek boys.


I hope you don't get carried away with Girls Generation like I have with a similar Korean girl group, the Wonder Girls.


OH EM GEE (no pun intended).

I am starting to like the fact that all these blogs are picking up on infectious Korean pop. Not that it's quality, per say, but it sure is catchy.

I was actually gonna send a note regarding Kara's "Pretty Girl" (the video: ) because there's a girl who does that Analeigh "YO!" head-tilt thing. It's very...interesting.

BTW, "Gee" already went #1 pretty much everywhere in Korea: websites, sales charts countdowns.... And it's only been out for two weeks. :P

Liz M Librarian

Girl groups are amazing. Look for videos by the queens of Girl pop, Japanese super group Morning Musume. Or the duo HalCali


NO! Will not Watch. you all ready got me addicted to Perfume. love those bitches.


Did you ever try Vimeo? The quality is 10 times better and they don't seem to be as douchey about the content.


Allow me to introduce you to Super Junior, a veritable soccer team of a boy band and then some.


Warn Mimi: We now know what Hello Kitty sounds like.


Holy crap - is it just me or are all nine an example of some sinister korean body-cloning experiment? Looking for the stitch marks where they've had different heads sewn on...

So creepy...and yet so cheery.


I must have an MP3 of Gee. It's just too fantastic not to have everywhere I go.



I have been a long time fan of your musings. I'm downright ecstatic (moved to the point of posting, I am) that you've discovered Girls Generation, a major guilty pleasure of mine. They're the embodiment of sugary excess; in one of their performances, they dance with lollipops.

There's a lot of KPop circulating through the Anglo-blogsphere, the most notable example being Perez Hilton's championing of the Wondergirls. I fully support this trend and encourage it.

Anywho, just wanted to say that you rock. Can't wait for your cycle 12 coverage.


I love you, but I can never get behind that.


Listen Boy My First Love Story
My angel
And my Girls
My Sunshine
Ah ah let's Go

You're so handsome
my eyes are blinded
I can't breath because i'm trembling
Gee gee gee gee
Baby baby baby baby
Gee gee gee gee
Baby baby baby baby
oh i feel so embarressed
I can't look at you
I feel shy because I've fallen in love
Gee gee gee gee
Baby baby baby baby
Gee gee gee gee
Baby baby baby baby
What should i do?
What should I Do?
About my trembling Heart
My trembling heart
My heart kept thumping
So I couldn't fall asleep at night
I guess I guess i'm a fool
a fool that knows only you
yes,as i look at you
So bright so bright
My eyes are blinded
no no no no no
so surprised surprised
I'm shocked
oh oh oh oh oh
so tingly tingly
My body's trembling
gee gee gee gee gee
glittering eyes (oh yeah)
sweet aroma (o yeah yeah yeah)


You know, the english lyrics to GEE are VERY Mariah. Maybe she could cover it?


Ok, I guess I'm the only one who's commenting on the YouTube stuff. Saw that SFJ posted your email, was all, "Damn dude, Rich knows everyone." Anyway, its all totally surreal cuz I just finished Remix by Lawrence Lessig. You should check it out if you haven't already. Or at least his TED conference thing.
That is all.
Resume girly Gee stuff.


Does anyone know where to find an MP3 of this brilliance?! It's stuck in my head! Thanks for sharing, Rich! I'm a huge fan of all the random stuff you bring us.


the whole album is at



See I am still all about their competitors, the Wonder Girls



Hehehe oh Rich, it does my heart good to know I haven't been the only one sucked into this song. I never really got into k-pop before this. But holy shit, it's infectious.


Miss Lisa

Oh for GOD'S SAKE, YOUTUBE. Letting people post videos but not the music. And the whole thing is deeply arbitrary anyway. (click click click click). That's the sound of me fixing a gazillion videos in my blog archives now. Thanks for the head's up, Rich.


I feel so much better now.

See, I randomly came across "Gee" about... I don't know, a week ago? And I've been listening to it every day. Repeatedly. I'm starting to somehow learn the words, even though I know no Korean, because I've just heard the syllables strung together so many times in the exact same way that what is for me ostensibly gibberish also somehow makes perfect sense. Seriously, I am addicted to that song. How did it suddenly come to everyone's attention?

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