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oh dear... chet + pete = love





"Scott sucks and he looks better in the dark." loved it


I feel as though Devyn has some sort of self-hate/low (really low) self-esteem just by the way she's fawning over Scott.


Devynis possibly the most annoying Real Worlder ever. I'd have to kick her in the pants if I was living with her. She is so boring and helpless and hoity toity.


Chet gives me a ladyboner.


I was truly embarrassed for Devyn and her tragic wig this week. Honey, he is not trying to make you jealous. He doesn't even give a rats ass about you or anyone for that matter aside from himself and his perfect abs.
p.s. did you know that Scott won a contest for the best abs?!?!?! Its not like he hasn't ever mentioned it before right???


F.O.E. = Fraternal Order of Eagles


Also, if you type "Morman" instead of "Mormon," spell check suggests "merman." So, yeah.


Off topic, but why are you not bloggin
Toddlers and Tiaras???

Why not?!?


Yeah, you're right. Scott's an ass. No hint of good chunk, either. When his body goes, it's gonna go big. Then his all-about-me anecdotes will sound that much more desperate.

Also, some of my fingers can bend back pretty damned far, but I must bow down to Devyn. She is the Queen of Noodle Fingers.


The best part of the entire episode was Katelynn's hair flip after Ryan's "You were born a guy, weren't you?"


You couldn't have gif'ed Ryan mocking Scott behind his back?


This season is so much more interesting then the RW has been in many moons. They got a fan back.


I actually find Chet to be the hottest of the guys despite his smarminess and naivete. He has the best body, I find the personal trainer too big, and he's good looking, nice jawline

Jasi B.

Devyn has taken a liking to the Herald Sq. Macy's store...
I've seen her twice this past week and thats definitely a really bad lace front wig that she is rocking.
I just want to help her out and take a comb to that part (and some wig glue) and move it over to the left just a little little bit.

Dear lawd...this season is boring. old can you be to apply for the show? Maybe next yr. I won't mind my momma (she thinks I'm an automatic shoe-in), and I'll go audition. Snark attack!


Scott was more attractive when he was the odd-man-out. I always liked the guys who fell into those roles on the RW. He's still hot with clothes on. Plus.. he's kinda the only one who makes any sense on this show. He's always playing the cute devil's advocate and is like adorably tolerant of everyone. Okay, so I'm in love wit him. Whatever.


Can believe you didn't use the clip of Ryan standing behind someone (Scott?) with the knife looking bored and pretending to kill himself.

amber of TheAmberShow

I was in Fairway the night these clowns showed up, (the trip was edited out, and all that shows is a one second shot of the Fairway sign), and Chet was a standout in this getup. I said to my husband, "Well, we know who the gay one is."


i cringe everytime devyn starts to speak. she is so desperate! i hope someone slaps some sense into her soon lol


I love chet. I can't help it.

Also, I understand what with blogging for VH1 all the time that you have become accustomed to whores and .... well, fighting whores, but I really enjoy the change of pace this real world has. It's like watching the first seasons up to Hawaii when it was really about real people doing things. Not about pretty whores combined to cause an explosion.

MTV, if you're listening, I like this format too. If there's low ratings I doubt it's because people find it boring, but probably becauseall the people that like this format gave up on the show and don't know this season is returning to its roots.


the word "jazz" probably originated from the word "jism" and was also a slang term for sex.... so spell check isn't too far off!


Ya gotta love narcissistic personal trainers; always going on about their muscles, nutritional goals, and how they're doing all those 'professional' modelling shoots for underwear.

You just want them to hurt themselves on the job and let their bodies turn to fat.


Well, my hopes of Ryan jizzing on JD has been fulfilled... kinda.

Oh well, there's always Top Model for jazzing, right?


Devyn seems to be the most delusional of the lot. And i dont think Ryan has PTSD...of course if he says he does, then i suppose i shouldnt argue. I just think that hes mad a lot.

Also, Katelyn is fucking fantastic. I wanna be her roomie. dammit.


ew really, rich? I thought that bjork impersonation was weak as fuck

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