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I love you Rich.
I love Bobby more.


When I watched the first video w/ his back issue, my first thought was, "Too much humpin' around". Good times. That video of Roni made my entire week!
House of Jules


Well, he's still young in some departments...
Chub spotted at 3:18!

maria castillo

my son and i went to the "head of state" concert last night in the city and it was GGRRREAT ! it was a trill to see that these guys still got ! go,bobby,go ralphy,go johnny go go ! even my son enjoyed it and hes only 18yrs.old


i always thought tupac and ralph tresvant were long lost twins.

Candy Lowd - New Edition Fan Club

Hius back didn't really go out. Great! Show! It was nice to see Bobby's son on stage!


That Roni vid was the best! Bobby looks like somebody's drunk uncle at the end of the family barbeque.


That "RONI" clip has me grinning like a fool. I had no idea his stuffed sausage lookin' ass was still performing...and doing a pretty good job of it, too! OMG, TELL ME he did Don't Be Cruel and brought a skinny ho in a Body Glove spandex dress onstage!


Where is the Real World Blog??????


It is very Funny! Celebrities are talking about it on "millionaire friends . com". Many wealthy people, pro athletes and celebrities are there. ...


You just made my Valentine's Day :-D


"Bobby looks like somebody's drunk uncle at the end of the family barbeque."

I had no idea his stuffed sausage lookin' ass was still performing...

HAHAHAHAHA! I can't breathe!


Believe in Bobby Brown.



I love this blog. I have it bookmarked on my toolbar... next to Wikipedia. THIS IS MY WIKIPEDIA!

Georgine I

Good for Bobby...back on the road. His new girl seems more together than the old one...ah, what was her name again...anyway, I think Bobby's new girl owns a hair company called Mixed Chicks. The products are great, so I guess if the girl does that, then Bobby is on the right path. Here is where you can see Bobby's girl:









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It has been a long time since I have hear anything about a new album. I remember the last concert that I was. He is a great musician.


there will never be another group like NEW EDITION..i love all those guys..long live N.E.


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