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So ready for a new season of recaps and new sound bites! Nothing opens up the perfect mix better than Jay chirping, "Butt cheeks, typically aren't the best thing to grab on to a ladder with." Also finally first comment.

Dennis N.

Cycle 12 premieres on mah berfday. Which means: excellence will sprout forth.


was Noelle not cycle 4?


There is some serious Chelsea Handler coming off of Isabella

Pia Hardy

London= Amanda Bynes


didnt see the ep, but based on the photos here, i agree with every single one of your evals. spot on!


Sandra is GORGEOUS she shouldn't even be on this show, have you seen her pre-show pics? I guess for her it'll be a free $100k

that is all


Rich picked two of the girls have for final six, Allison and Sandra. I like Aminat but it really could just be the afro but she actually looks thin in that pic and that's so not the case with most of them although her preshow pics are meh; Jessica really meant to show-up for the PCD auditions based on her pose and she's been in beauty pagents so we know Tyra will make her life hell; I was starting to not be totally creeped about by Celia after seeing some preshow pics of her but that close-up of her has made be go with my initial impression of do.not.want and she's 25; speaking of which, Kortnie is 24 and there are classy pics of her hanging out at NASCAR events; Fo is a bland version of Saleisha and that's not good; Teyona has already been compared to Mr. Spock (except she's not as fierce); Tahlia has been called every kind of soccer mom/den mother (early spoilers say there are no plussies this cycle so Tahlia needs a makeover badly); Nijah is boring; London looks good in some of her preshow pics but that pose screams attention whore but on this show that's redundant; Isabella and Natalie are possibilities but there poses don't help although Natalie has some nice looking preshow pics as well.

Pia Harder

Sandra= Wayne Brady


I saw preshow pictures of Natalie and I think she looks absolutely gorgeous. Sandra will hopefully be excellent on the show and I really seem to be liking Jessica. London also looks 1000x better on her other pictures on Hm... we'll see.


Celia looks like a slightly bigger version of Cameron from House, pee coloured hair and all (this is in no way a dig against Celia's weight--Jennifer Morrison needs to eat like a box of cookies, ASAP).

Because of this, I will hate Celia. It's transference.


Have you seen the photos of London floating around? I think she's very versatile. She can look completely different in each photo.


As always, I look forward to your snap judgements of the girls and then you went and pulled out a Don't Tell Mom the Babysitters Dead reference. My love for you just went through the roof. "The dishes are DONE, man!"

I'm so glad this show is back, and I can't wait to see Allison in action. I've seen the pictures, and they prove she is going to be very interesting. Aminat is one of my favorites, and she looks like what Ambreal should have been. What is up with the shoes in these pictures? Almost every one of these girls has awful shoes on. Did Payless sponsor this shit?



Seriously - unless ALL of these girls are able to transform themselves in pictures to the level that our chinless runnerup did last cycle, this are going to be the most blah looking bunch yet.


Allison looks like the love child of Zoe Kazan and Miley Cyrus (moreso in the linked pictures). In other words? Love.


I hope Allison goes far, but only because after seeing her website, I want to see them struggle to get her to stop doing that stupid Olsen twin pout.
I can't wait for the new season to start!

Miss Lisa

Oh baby, this is a tough year for ANTM. Enjoyed your write-up. You add so much depth to the frivolity! I'm very sorry to type this next sentence but I'm going for it: Fo fo' the win.


There was no Norelle cycle 5. Can't wait for the rest of the recaps!


the shape of Teyona's harkens back to Keenya from cycle 4 if her jaw had been evenly proportioned with the rest of her head.

Rachael F.

Why am I so excited for this?


"but I almost like her because a) she reminds me of Winston..."

I laughed out loud like a huge idiot. Too funny.


I hope someday you'll explain why Celia reminds you of Winston...and if she sticks around hopefully there will be some amusing Celia/Winston hybrid gifs.

Also - I've been trying to steer clear of the gossip on the new season so I hadn't heard of the burn marks...burn marks? That reeks of uncomfortablness


Why do they all have to wear the Payless shoes in those photos? And when I got to the jump at the beginning, you were right, when I saw that picture I thought you were looking through a Lane Bryant catalog during the superbowl.


Nijah, Natalie, and Sandra are my top 3. There are other pretty ones (Fo'sho!) but stumpy McStumperlegs all around. London is a mess and Celia is a beast.


Am I the only one who thinks Celia looks like James Carville in a blond wig?

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