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I'm pretty sure the lack of the bar on a girls' bike was to prevent cooter flashing (cuz you know, in ye olden days lsdies wore skirts).

The ability to share that knowledge is the only thing I got out of dating a bicycle dude.


This episode had way too much Katelynn & Sarah being overdramatic and not enough porpoise/tuna discussion.


if katelynn tells the "omg this fits" story one more time...


I am commenting before I read the recap. When I was watching Wed pm, I kept saying OH MY GOSH, I can't wait to see what Rich writes about this episode. Now I am going to read it, I am SOOO excited!!!


megan i have literally wondered about that for like 25 years. thank you. i am enlightened now!!

rich your wrap ups make my week. this + winston = hysteria.


kinda looks like JD is removing a giant butt plug in the first GIF.


megan is correct.
girls' bikes dont have the bar (though i dont understand why any bikes have it) so women make sure they didnt have to lift up their ankle length skirts.
though riding bikes was still pretty scandalous bc it got the hem of your dress greasy.
oh my goodness.
im so glad i live now.


I was afraid you didn't bother watching. You unabashed appreciation of Ryan justifies my own interest in this season.


I think Devyn has a complex from people telling her she is stupid. She may have also been the first in her family to go to college. Why else would she mention both during the boy/girl argument as well as while bragging about acting experience that she has studied on the collegiate level. Yikes I'm glad I'm not 20 anymore.


Im surprised that you didn't mention Chet's attire at Gettysburg. The purple rain boots which matched his purple hoodie tucked into his skinny jeans along with the CHET hat was kind of ridiculous.

The girls were really annoying in this episode. I would have totally been in the guys car on that little road trip


The Heights reference. Awesome.


No mention of the fact of how much of a pussy JD remained throughout this episode- in a car full of 3 (non-immigrant) guys, he had nothing to say in regard to the whole AID-event fiasco. Maybe it was edited out. Who knows. I just found that to be weak


does Devyn have Alopecia or something???


I found Scott's sincere seeming hurt/empathy so much hotter than his stupid abs.


ahhhhh i love that poem i love youuu


The bike thing:

The diagonal bar on a girl's bike is supposed to make it easier for girls to wear skirts while riding. For some reason it stuck through all these years even though you hardly ever see women riding bikes with skirts.

So now you know!


I'm with you rich, I always thought the bar on the bike was to prevent hurting your crotch if you fell on it, but I always wondered why the other gender WOULD want a bar to intercept their crotch upon falling. I can thank my mom for that explanation. :sigh:

And I love chet and ryan. I love them.


Rich it sounds like you have studied this season AT THE COLLEGIATE LEVEL.

Miss Lisa

Another bike note: The bar going straight across on the "boy's bike" actually makes the frame more durable for all that manly riding. The diagonal bar on a "girl's bike"--not so sturdy but great for skirt-wearing. That's right: the MAN gave us a weaker bike frame!

Carry on.


While I kind of understand what Devyn was trying to say about school, I had to laugh at her argument. A college drop-out is a college drop-out. I think a better argument/question is did you leave school at your own volition and on good academic standing, or were you kicked out due to academic probation or booze, etc?

I guess I should put on every resume "I STUDIED AT THE COLLEGIATE LEVEL!".....Hehe! No one cares unless you have that paper saying "I graduted!"


From now on I will always rhyme 'psyches' with 'bi-kies."


i still adore Katelynn. She seems like so much fun, period. Shes an extrovert. get over it.


Well, as you've disabled comments to your latest post, I figured as a dedicated fan, I should take this space to wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors, whatever they may be.

I'll still refresh this blog daily, and even though you've promised posts in the near future, if nothing ever comes again from this blog, I'd say you left on a high note, and with plenty of fans.

Good luck, Mr. Juzwiak.


I'm doing the same as Brian. I'll miss your posts, but wish you the very best in your new project and hope it works out just how you want! I look forward even more now to the new season of ANTM because it means I'll have Rich back. Cheers!


Rich, I really hope that your super-secret project is . . . DJing at Tracie's wedding.

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