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Dennis N.

Oh, how I cherish these progressive Kanye dissections. This was so cathartic.

Also: 2 for 2 on the hero gifs!

Chaka Kahn

I can take or leave your love of Top Model but your dedication to pop music holds my heart forever.

This was great.


I wanna be Kanye now


it must be really nice to think you are on a mission from God. Kanye is so bizarro.


In regards to 808's I think it's an ok album. Not stellar, but I like it. Not at all what I would have expected from Kanye, but I still like it.

I will say that I would have preferred to see him make the album that follows in the natural progression of the others. I wanted him to release the fabled 'Good Ass Job' that was supposed to follow in sequence with College Dropout, Late Registration, and Graduation.

So maybe for Kanye this is his brick, or as much of a brick as kanye can make.

I'll continue to listen to 808's. But honestly all of his not officially released stuff from Freshmen Adjustment 1 & 2 are getting WAY more play on my iPod right now.

As always Rich, I love your commentary.


Kanye West is a closeted homosexual. It explains his entire persona, and once you begin to examine him from that angle (especially his blog), his behavior and attitude seem less like antics and stunts than the truly awkward negotiations of someone constantly avoiding any real engagement with themselves. Because black men aren't aloud to be gay, and black musicians most especially (god forbid anyone have a role model).

Seriously though look at the blog. 4/5 posts are about fashion, cliche hipster art, music that white nerds were into like three years ago, and then a random Maxim-esque photo of some random woman with insane boobs and plastic makeup. Thanks publicists, but you're not fooling anyone.


I find him to be asexual as well, but I'm not sure if that has something to do with the fact that he's quite ugly. Then again, featuring Pamela Anderson in your video, the ipso facto blond bombshell 10 YEARS AGO, might be an example of the lady doth protest too much.

Arrogance, however, dressed in whomever is repulsive and thus why I wouldn't give him my goddamn money.


Jacob makes a very valid point and actually makes everything make more sense. Why I dislike Kanye rests on the fact that he is trying so fucking hard. Nothing is effortless, the best part of being "cool" is that you do not have to advertise that fact every 10 minutes. Unfortunately his arrogance only draws us closer to cracking the true person beneath. As far as his music. I mean I truly feel that he did this record to be cool to white hipster kids. Like Lil Wayne taking on guitar...not organic but just awkward, contrived, and not actually quality music.


great interview, Rich. I agree with the other comments, I think Kanye is gay too. I don't bother reading his blog but when I saw he was making posts dedicated the editor in chief of Vogue Paris, the red lights of my gaydar were flashing.


Smooches! Great interview. Now I will read the one in Vibe.


Chantal Goya

I'm pretty gay and I don't get the gay vibe from him, even with the hipster schtick. It really gets on my nerves when people right off the bat equate self-loathing to homosexuality. Especially when said person doesn't have effeminate mannerisms.

pippin wainwright

They're not saying homosexuals are self-loathing Chantal Goya. They're saying if you were repressing homosexuality you would be self-loathing. And gay people don't have to be effeminate. Many aren't.


For a while now I've had this theory that Kanye's grandstanding is really some kind of an Andy Kaufman style schtick that he does for his own amusement... the gay thing I really don't get so much.

BTW, I think it's all endlessly entertaining and hope he keeps going 4eva.


So hipster = gay now? Ok...
I don't think he is a self-loathing/closeted homosexual because since his first album he's been one of the few, if not the only, openly pro-gay advocate in the hip-hop community.

I love Kanye for the simple fact that I strongly believe that he is in on the joke. Don't take his antics too seriously. Just enjoy the ride.

Chantal Goya

pippin wainwright- I know that not all gays are effimenate, it's just that those comments are based on nothing. I can see how trying too hard can equal self-loathing. But how does that equal homosexuality in this case? Especially with someone who isn't portraying an uber-macho image, ie. 50 cent.


I believe it's easier to understand if you have been a self-loathing closeted homosexual. The comment that he could be homosexual is a pretty valid argument and I could believe that.


I can't forgive him for his afro-mullet.

Chantal Goya

Noel: I think it's just me getting pissed that one of the only mainstream rap artists who's openly pro-gay is being called gay.


Kanye reminds me of Madonna. They both dress better than anything else they do.


If I could make a suggestion on your next music spotlight... Chris Cornell's Scream, please. Before you protest that CC isn't pop, know that Timbaland's fingerprints are all over that crap.


i adore Kanye...Hes a...kerfluffle. lol. I think hes hurting, but hes really trying to stick to this image that hes fine, everything is grand, whatever. He prolly is a little crazy, as are most creative geniuses


I love 808s, but I'm no musician or producer so maybe my opinion doesn't matter in the big scheme of things. All I know is that it touches me. It's human, and it's real. I'm a white chick who had two parents growing up, both of whom are still alive. My life is about 180 degrees from rappers' lives or what they project as their lives, but Kanye is the first I've connected with, the first I can listen to because he writes good music.

I was originally disgusted by the arrogance and Louis Vuitton this and that. But once an artist's much touches you, you can get through all that shit.



to one of the responders,

Kanye didn't have to make this album to attract white hipster kids. Most of the fans of hip hop music nowadays are white hipster kids. Keep that in mind.

Don't believe me? Go to Oregon. Lol.
Those white kids SWEAR they know hip hop better than hip hop knows itself.

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I've previously wondered if he is mentally challenged to some extent. Have you listened to that rap on the Estelle single? It's VERY "Corky-esque". But then again, I completely hate every record he's made and hate him. So, I'm slightly biased on this.

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