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The Carrie Underwood Gif looks like she is performing on a bull riding machine


I am both excited and scared that I knew exactly who you meant by "cousin Shelly" without even having to look at the link. lol


I am shocked that no mention of Domestic Disturbia was made! Ike and Tina lite (hmm) made my Grammy moment.

Also, did Kathy Griffin win her damn Grammy?


Haha, I knew you were going to go gif-crazy for Whitney presenting best RnB.


Sheryl Crow couldn't even muster up phony excitement at the prospect of announcing Brenda Lee's "achievement": "Congratulations, Brenda. You're a great inspiration," she deadpanned, as though the award was going to Brenda Walsh and she was Kelly Taylor, post Dylan-fucking.

HA, yes, agreed. your write-ups are always 10x as fun as the event youre covering!


Dude, did you happen to notice that one of those curly-haired Jonas brothers fucked up the lyrics BIG TIME during the second verse of "Superstition"? If you can find a YouTube clip, check out the line that's SUPPOSED to be "13-month old baybeeeee..."

He CHOKED. Like, American Idol "Oops forgot the lyrics during Hollywood Week" choked.

It was glorious.


I'm dying. This recap was TOO good. Jerri Blank, a 90210 reference, AND a "jarring" Kid Rock sighting? Bravo, sir.


You have slayed me over and over.

Kanye looking like one of the twins from The Whispers; Cousin Shelly and calling Carrie Underwood Naomi from "Mama's Family" I just can't take anymore.

Great recap for a subpar show!


R - Kathy lost to Flight of the Conchords.


ok first of all thats no bitch thats somebodys Momma and its sunday and she is supposed to wear her hat.
I thought you had soul if you did u would no how that goes


I am in love with that TI/Justin Timberlake song...enough to keep checking back with the Grammy's to watch it. To be honest I can't stand the Grammy's - they're way too long and dull...MTV does a better version (er, they used to)

Molly McButter

Is it just me, or does Katy Perry look like Angie Jo when she's making that goofy face?

I didn't watch the Grammys this year (actually, I always skip the Grammys) but it looks like it actually could've been entertaining! Oh well.


Interesting, funny, on-target comments, especially regarding Whitney and Jennifer, Sugarland and the Jonas brothers.


i agree with you about the Nettles. She was by far the biggest breakout star of the night.

Also, is it just me or is she totally channelling Beth Littleford (formerly of the Daily Show)?


I disagree on the R&B albums, last year saw albums by Estelle (yea I know you don't like her), Anthony David, Jazmine Sullivan,


I so agree on sir Paul. It's no longer a novelty, now it's just boring.

Sarah Nicole

I think that Adele sounded very much like Kristin Wiig's Penelope during her acceptance speech. She cracked me up!


go easy on mccartney, he's just trying to break out from years under second billing to lennon as lennon-mccartney:

"After Lennon's death, McCartney attempted to change the order to "McCartney-Lennon" for songs such as "Yesterday" that were solely or predominantly written by him, but Ono would not allow it. She says she felt this broke an agreement that the two had made while Lennon was still alive. However, McCartney has stated that such an agreement never existed. The two other Beatles agreed that the credits should remain as they always had been and McCartney withdrew his request. However, the dispute resurfaced in 2002. On his Back in the U.S. Live 2002 album, 19 Beatles' songs are described as "written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon."[citation needed] However earlier albums released by both Lennon and McCartney also modified credits for Beatles songs. In 1976, McCartney released a live album called Wings Over America which credited several Beatles tracks as P. McCartney-J. Lennon compositions. Similarly, a 1998 John Lennon anthology, Lennon Legend, listed the composer of "Give Peace a Chance" as John Lennon rather than the original composing credit of Lennon-McCartney."


Yeah, wtf was up with Kanye's fro mullet? That thing was nasty. And the Jonas Bros looked so confused after Katy Perry's performance! It was hilarious! Like they were wondering, "Is this what turned on feels like?" Especially the one in the red shirt.. I haven't bothered to differentiate them yet.


When I saw Kanye, I thought Rene and Angela were back together! And was it just me, or did an f-bomb slip outta T-Pain while the camera was on the audience watching Lil Wayne get up to the stage. The show was a lot more entertaining than usual. For my money, M.I.A. gets the MVP award, but I can live with Jennifer Nettles picking up that trophy, too.


Who is Aretha. I am unfazed by all this hat amazement. Step into any Baptist church below the mason dixon line and you will run into 25 of these "amazing" hats everybody is going on about. No, Aretha should not donate her hat to the Smithsonian, it wasn't all that.


addy, I totally noticed the wee Jonas forget the words during Superstition and no one saved him either - it was horribly glorious.

And the Timberlake/Al Green number was a last minute fill in for Rihanna not being there - so I can forgive the mediocrity, kinda.

On the whole, I found the show to be too long and award-lite. Some of the performances were good but Neil Diamond speak-singing was unnecessary and why does the album of the year always go to the dinosaurs on the come back?


Why didn't you mention Radiohead?!


i feel you on that young jonas



yeah whats with the radiohead exclusions?

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