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floor jack

Translation: he read the polls that showed he had dropped from 26% to 8% in one week, after Obama released his birth certificate, killed bin Laden and, oh yeah, mercilessly ridiculed Trump at the Correspondents Dinner and made him a national laugh.

hydraulic jack

Thanks for your comment. I'm pretty much where you are on this, and am relieved it wasn't a total hallucination back a decade ago and more. You're very welcome!

jack stands

Condemning torture should be welcome but I don't think he should get brownie points to use for other things. I was pulled in for a while by his "straight talk express," fool me once etc.

jack stand

Thanks my friend. Never any doubt in my mind with you. Carry on!


Don't forget... JLo wants to be a cat.


People norlmaly pay me for this and you are giving it away!

Solar water heater supplier

Wow. This all looks so yummy. Even the wee human has a tasty look about his chubby little foot ;-)

Solar water heaters

Looks tasty! I've been doing the Atkins diet for 3 weeks and will try this. My diet is so limited now. Thanks for sharing!

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