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March 23, 2009



I love the Miss J jif at the end!


great as usual


I'm so happy you included the Ms. jay gif. Amazing.


OMG .... both London AND Allison totally look like Mel from Flight of the Conchords. I just figured that out.

Your recaps are awesome btw.

Joe M

Every cycle has the bizarro episode where up is down and down is up and people wear hats on their feet and hamburgers eat people and a promising model with a good pic is inexplicably trashed (Alison, totally sabatoged by Sheena Easton's 80's stylist) and some loser who had some ass pic is inexplicably praised (Tahlia, who is destined to be booted quite soon). I thought the same thing with Bianca! Why did they not mention her mother getting kicked in the 'gina?


good recap!
I'm getting pretty disappointed by the amount of dullness in this cycle. It's all I can do to watch the show on wednesdays right now so that your recaps make sense LOL

potty mouth princess

Aw c'mon Rich, you know you would look fab in Miss J's ensemble, complete with pink scarf.



I'm proud of you for doing such a great recap despite such a boring episode. I'm so over Tahlia, I can't even explain.


Words could never express my detest for Tahlia. Grrrr!!!!


Now that you mention it, this cycle is dull.
Hey, did you see in Nijah's letter she wrote keep it cute or put it on mute? Chris Crocker's gonna be pissed!
In other news, why was Eastbound and Down only 6 episodes?


Is anyone else sick of the group shots? I am!


I am currently ensconced in a viewing of the Jade season of ANTM on Oxygen. Nothing can equal that bliss. Imagine that!


Not a Natalie fan because she USED TO BE A SIGNED MODEL.

it's like American Idol taking formerly contracted singers into their top 12 - its just not fair. You tried once and FAILED already, so try again? BS. Give some girls who were never able to try to fail a shot too (like that Buffalo ghetto beyotch who slept at Port Authority!)


I'm so glad you caught that Celia thing, because I was starting to become a fan, and then she did that and my partner and I both went "AAAAACCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK!" and then followed up by the baby thing - well I became convinced she's an alien lizard thing. Possbily a scientologist. Whatever.

Alison hungry gif? Full of awesome. She really does look like an ineffectual baby vampire.

And the Tyra monster gif? I was trying not to laugh TOO loudly because I'm at work, but, dang.

You did a great job for a boring week. Thanks for bringing the love...


Sarah, two cycles ago because of another committment, I almost never watched ANTM (I kept forgetting to watch the repeat on Sunday nights), and I still read, and thoroughly enjoyed Rich's recaps. In fact, it was pretty even in the "which is better" score. If you don't want to watch it, you may enjoy his recaps just as much!


"It's like kicking someone when they're down or burning a burn victim." LOL

And I love that you worked in the Schapelles. Even though this cycle is pretty boring, the recaps make it worth it. <3


LOVE IT! I cannot get enough of Allison she is my favorite :)


Delightful. Thank you, thank you.


it's all great, but mostly, thank you for mocking mr. jay's hat. ugh!


Great recap! I've been unable to watch a full episode of this season but your recaps give the highlights/lowlights so it's all good!

P.S. awesome pic of you and Rudy on ONTD


Thank you for the tyra mail mp3, have wanted one of those for my text tone forever but too lazy to make one, haha!


are you ever going to point out how much celia looks like martha plimpton? just curious.


If you didn't already know about sadtrombone.com now is probably the perfect time for you to become acquainted with it. Just don't tell Tyra - she'll probably try to get them to change it to sadtyra.com

TyTy Baby

Best line from the East Bound & Down finale: "Listen here you beautiful bitch, I'm about to fuck you up with some truth." That show is 8 kinds of awesome.


I don't think Rich NEEDS to point out how much Celia looks like Martha Plimpton, bcs at least 4 people do it every recap :P

BTW the "hunger receptors" thing had me ROLLIN'...XD

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