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March 23, 2009


The Shophound

Was I supposed to be familiar with the work of Reba Schappell? Because there is no graceful and appropriate way to react to that kind of freaky cojoined twin country music video shit. Thank you, thank you you horrible person. Hopefully, Tyra will get wind of it and create a cojoined twin singer photo shoot for the next cycle with the shrimpy models.


London = Silver from 90210

that's Mrs. Nigel to you

I am so glad anytime someone quotes from Grey Gardens.
"Miss J's best costume for the day"


I effing love it. LOVE. IT.

Bravo, Rich. An amazing recap. I just said to my bf, "THIS is the reason I still watch 'America's Next Train Wreck' -- for Rich's recaps."


You need a .gif of Nijah doing the Carleton!


Ms J reminded me of skinny Oprah. all he needed was a bag of fat in a red wagon.


I love you. I love that you love Eastbound and Down and referred to it in an ANTM recap. Did I mention that I loved you?


There are only two "e's" in Febreze. Sorry; it's my peet peeeve.


Fact: I type "fo" in my address bar and I get--wait for it--Four Four. Obvious conclusion: Fo is after your domain name. Watch it!


Quick question. A while a ago I came to this blog and found a most glorious page of all your glorious Tyra gifs. I've looked and looked for the page but I can't find it. Could I possibly get a link to it pretty please? :)

tyyyraaa maaail oh my gaawwd aaaaak

hahahah I want that tone for my incoming texts...for like a week tops


are you likening natalie's picture to the conjoined twin who tried to have a country singing career? i hope so. i had to watch a movie about them in my middle school health class years ago, and always wondered how it could ever be useful. well, that day has come. thanks!


re: Nijah's note.

She does have "keep it cute or put it on mute" in quotation marks, so perhaps Chris Crocker can chill out as he watches "thee" best season ever.


....is it just the nerd in me, or does anyone else think Allison looks like Princess Zelda?


I fell asleep during the first 5 minutes. Thank God Rich is here to keep me in the loop. I thought the same thing about Miss J, "she looks gooood!" As for the rest: yawn...except for your recap!


Rich, why hasn't there been "My Life as A Covergirl" this cycle???


If Thalia ate a few more donuts, she could be the plus-size model with a modeling mental disorder (i.e. she can't) and skin lesions.

Who wouldn't want to root for that?


It struck me about two minutes into the episode that Nijah was both the prettiest and the most ordinary of the black girls this cycle, and that she'd doubtless go home soon.

But when it happened in this episode, I was desperately saddened to realize that you'd never get to use "Nijah, please" again.


I can't believe how stupid some of these girls are. "Play fare"? Seriously? Nijah's lucky she's pretty cause that might help people overlook the fact that she's dumb as rocks.

I was so excited for Kortnie because I thought she was the prettiest plussie they've ever had but she SUCKS. And she's not even really that plus. Tyra gave Sarah C9 so much shit for being about same size as Kortnie. At least Sarah could model.

I agree with you, this cycle is off to a rough start. I think the biggest problem is the photo shoots. Did Tyra blow the budget on ribs or what? What's up with the constant teams/sucky concepts?


I don't think Celia looks like Martha Plimpton as much as she looks like Austin Scarlett. They could seriously be twins.


Aren't there going to be drag queens in the next episode? I love me some drag queens, and that shit will not be boring! And even though Fo cried way too much about her hair, I still think she's the cutest. Fo fo the win.


I saw London @ sxsw! She has the exact same makeover hair.


Excellent recap!


Sarah (3/23/09 2:21pm) NAILED it... this cycle of ANTM is genuinely only tolerable (and I say this with the highest degree of charity...) as a prelude to Rich's ingenious Monday recaps. The balance has finally tipped... Damn.


Aww, poor Hottie. LOL.

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