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and now you are showing TV on the Internet on TV on the Internet. whoa.


This video is like the viral equivalent of RDJ playing a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude


I'm just amazed at how serious she is when she says that she wonders how they got the video of them. "Because this is some guy in Chicago apparently..". As if Chicago is some wasteland with no access to recording devices or something.. Duh.


I saw a Judge Judy the other day where a tattoo parlor was being sued for the money to get a tattoo removed from a girl. The girl was SIXTEEN and had come in with her boyfriend, and they hadn't carded her. The tattoo people were all like WELL SHE ACTED LIKE SHE WAS OF AGE. and one woman was like I CAN'T CARD EVERY PERSON WHO COMES INTO MY ESTABLISHMENT, THAT'D BE RIDICULOUS! Judge Judy schooled her. I really need to start watching her.

ILU Rich!



You've got it backwards. She's wondering how some guy in Chicago got video of a dinky little Portland, Oregon morning show. Like-why would he care?



I TOTALLY saw that Judge Judy! hehe.

Holy Cuteness

Hehe, I always laugh my ass of watching judge Judy... it's so silly....


wait...i got a tattoo when i was 16 from a shitty parlor on st marks place...from a dude with a fucking barcode neck tat...can i sue him to get it removed? how did judy judge it???


re: ck

Judy was in favor of the 16 year old. well, her mom was all pissed.


I love that they call it a tape. They probably think people plug VCRs in to their computer to do this sort of thing.


oh Rich. You are a genius (shrug) that walks among us (shrug).


when i watched that video i was surprised to see AM Northwest on there, it's a local morning show (obviously) that i occasionally watch, though now that i think about it, why not? since people show clips all the time from regular local news broadcasts.
and yes, that lady is a bit out of touch.

a struggling wordsmith

Of course she's matter of fact that the woman's evil. She is. Isn't she?


rich, on the pug tip: i love pugs, used to have one. but i forgot how disgusting it sounds when they lick stuff. thank you for reminding me. ugh. sick.

Style Bard

Hahaha I also love that it says "Helen and Dave on Viral Video (YouTube)" on the screen, like...let's just try to clarify this for the viewers in the captions, in case they also don't get it.



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haha the pug's funny

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