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Ohhhh, now I get it. Now I understand why it's so upsetting (is that the right word?) when Tracie smokes in front of you. It has to have a whole other level of grossness for you. Anyway, congratulations on quitting, and staying off the evil cigs.

And I think both your cats are pretty cool.


congratulations rich, that's a great accomplishment. quitting is not easy, i know it too, so well done.


Yay for you! Smoking is such a super nasty expensive habit. And happy birthday to sexy Rudy! I just got my "Team Winston" shirt last week.... so I can proudly represent! :)


HOTT. Also, Rudy looks not only ironic but bored.

...I'll show myself out.

Elsbeth P

I quit smoking August 15th, 2007... and it's the one accomplishment I allow myself to brag about as well. Congrats to you!


Congratulations! You're right - it gets easier w/ each passing day - I'm coming up on 6 year quit date, and the mere thought of a cigarette makes me ill these days.


that pawstitude pose has win all over it.


Rudy looks smokin' hawt there. What a come-hither pose.


Yay Rich! Congratulations on being a quitter. I've never had to get unaddicted to anything, but I have nothing but admiration for people who pull up their socks and do it. Good on you!

Also, cats rule. I bet you quit so you wouldn't be filling their cute little lungs up, eh? :)


Awww, congrats.

Is that a Strangers with Candy reference I smell?
All three seasons are online now (hulu).


So you're saying that Winston is sort of rude, and Rudy is full of win.

We knew that. Schmopsticks!


Congratulations Rich! Four years ciggie-free is a huge accomplishment. Brag all you want, you deserve it. I know plenty of people who have tried to quit and couldn't. You should definitely be proud of yourself.

If I was guaranteed a cat like Rudy then I would get one. He is looking pretty hot in that picture


Congrats on leaving behind the life of being a smoker (but not a joker or a midnight toker?).
And I've always wanted a yellow or grey tabby, they are adorable! I've heard tabbies are the friendliest cats, but I dunno if it's true. In any case, he's cute!!!


"Before March 15, 2005, I was a boozer, a user and a loser."

But did you steal the TV?

Terri Strange

oh my goodness.
I just figured Rudy was camera shy.
I quit smoking a few years ago and now I can't even stand to be around it. Funny how repulsive it becomes...

Driver B

Happy Birthday Rudy!

And Happy New Lungs Birthday Rich!

that's Mrs. Nigel to you

I'm glad you aired this. 1)I want cigarettes to be eradicated. (Why kill people??) I am proud of you and everyone else who has kicked it! 2) I was wondering about the dynamics of the cats too. Sorry to have doubted the love! Now we know :D


aw. Rudy's so cute. And, most excellent choice in quitting smoking. You'll be around that much longer to make the internet EVEN FUNNIER.

persian mug

look at that sweetie kitty! i love how his eyes match the iron


Congrats on 4 years! On March 27th it'll be 15 months for me. You're right - it gets easier as time goes on (I never believed it would!!!) The only time it still kinda gets me is if I'm reading a book & or watching a movie & someone is smoking a cigarette while doing something that I would also do with a smoke - like read, sit @ the computer, drink a beer or coffee...but it doesn't get me enough to start up again, not even close ;)

re: cats - I've long been one of those "But what about poor Rudy!" people, so I'm very happy about this post. Rudy's mah boy. LOL ;P


Yeah for Rudy's birthday centerfold shoot :) He also has a group on facebook...

mighty undies

I'm going for the month nº 5!
I thought it would be so hard to quit, but now actually I wish everything was as easy!


Congratulations on your smoke free anniversary. I'm still working on it, but getting closer by the day.

Rudy is beautiful! Happy Birthday wishes go out to him.


Congrats on 4 years, Rich. I have been 12 years free and know how tough the final quit can be.

Happy birthday scritches to that handsome boy, Rudy. My own sweet boy was also a smokey gray tabby like him, so it makes me happy whenever I see pics of Rudy on the site.


@ Rainbucket: I see what you did there.

"I was a boozer, a user and a loser..." god, what song is that from? It's gonna bug me all night now. I'm working on quiting right now, so it's really good to hear it gets better at some point. Yay health!

Also, good to know Rudy is equally loved and appreciated. Fretted for a minute that he may have been the "Solange" of the family...

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