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I've never stopped wanting a cigarette.

Donny B

"I'm glad to report that it's not the case at all: it only gets easier and more harrowing that I ever smoked in the first place."

So true. Congrats!



And the "Aww, cute cat" thing reminded me of this comic: .


THANK YOU so much Rich! I am currently trying to quit for the first time and was wondering if the whole mess is really worth it. My biggest worry was that no matter how much time passes that the "want" would always be there. You've made me 100% more confident that quitting is possible..heh.


Congratulations! Remember that you have not only made your own life better by quitting smoking, but your house mates' as well. I firmly believe second hand smoke is just as toxic to pets as to humans, and they have no way to escape it!

And a very happy b-day to Rudy. There's certainly something to be said for the low-key quiet type. And what gorgeous markings he has! Hugs all around!


Happy birthday to Rudy. In his honor, I will also snuggle up to the iron. Or maybe the grill.

Congrats on your anniversary!


Rudy Attitude-y functions best as the subtle background character. Even though Winston's featured more, I could always tell Rudy was loved.


Maria - that's from Stranger's With Candy...the opening sequence, I believe.

Congratulations on four smoke-free years!

And Happy Birthday, Rudy. <3


UGH...fucking superfluous apostrophe! Strangers with Candy.



Happy Birthday, Rudy!

I am sorry I ever questioned your Rudy love.


Rich, thank you for revellin in your wonderful lack of smoke. I quot 3 days ago and reading things like that (along with the fact that I just don't want those fucking cigarettes) are what keep me going when I get all crave-y and cunt-y. So thank you thank you thank you. You're my inspiration!


Love the pic, Rich! And can we expect to see more Real World coverage now that you are back? Because I've been talking with my friends, and we have decided that Chet is the new Tyra -


I loved reading your old post! I was just like that - I had to have a cig for every occasion! Next November will be 10 YEARS smoke free!! I quit while I was going through a divorce and losing my job... So not fun! My dentist helped. He offered me a whitening treatment at cost if I quit and the last cig I ever smoked was before walking into his office to get the bleach. I haven't seen him in years because I moved to CA but I should probably send him a cool gift next year.


Congratulations on hitting hte 4 year mark! I hit four years cigarette free in October, and it really seems strange to me that I ever was a smoker at all. I do have to say that I sometimes miss smoking, but not enough to make me want to start up again.


First of all: congratulations on being nicotine free for so long! I'm a smoker. For ten years. Yeah.. Funny thing, tobacco is rising and rising in price and my mother gets it for me (student, no income - lazy ass). For the last couple of years I've been smoking Chesterfield, as it was the least expensive brand (3€). As of March this changed and now.. I'm smoking Winston! I couldn't stop laughing when I saw the package, I kept thinking about poor Winston for having to share a name with such a filthy product. Now I can only wish to find some Rudy at the tobacco shop. Ahahah.


That was so sweet Rich and That looks like the coziest iron in the world LOL


Can someone let me know what the banner is please? I feel like I recognize it but I actually don't.


Rich, way to go for quitting smoking and staying off the nic-sticks for 4 years! It's a major accomplishment and you have totally earned bragging rights. So revel on.

It *does* get easier with every year that goes by. I'm coming up on my 11th smoke-free anniversary, and I rarely even miss it.

You rock like, well, Rudy.


happy birthday Rudy! and congrats on 4 years of non-smoking.

Holy Cuteness

Dont burn your head Rudy! :-O


Congrats to you Rich and many happy returns to Rudy!


Haha...Irony. I just got it.


This is late, but congrats on being smoke-free, Rich. My MIL was diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus about three weeks ago, and the cause? Yeah... exactly. She has been a smoker since she was a teenager, and now she's 57 and may not live to see 58.

Rudy's such a handsome guy. :)


Congrats! I quit on July 18th of that same year - it was very easy for me (I hope it wasn't too harsh for you!), and I've never looked back. Quitting the booze, however?



is rudy seriously snuggling up to an IRON?

congrats on the no smoking anniversary :)

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