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March 09, 2009



Sweet Valley High reference?! Awesome.


We've missed you so!


darling you are back <3


yay recaps! and btw, i auditioned for the cycle 13 freakshow on Saturday in DC! They were only paying attention to the 5'6 or 5'7 chicks though, so I doubt it will be a cycle of true shortness.


yay!!!! you're back!


I needed that on this disgusting New York day. Thank you!


The Miss J/Grace Jones pic... *dead*


You won my heart with the "Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job" visual reference.

Also, I'm dyin' to try me some "tryin' ta try me!"

Thanks for the recap, as always.


LOVE. can't wait till tomorrow.


Yay! Mondays are now more bearable. Can't wait for tomorrow!


Celia is my favorite right now, although I also like Fo a lot. Celia knows fashion, she's (as you pointed out) articulate, and besides, it'd be totally in Tyra's thought process to pick an "old" winner after picking a "fat" winner. Celia FTW!


Can't wait for tomorrow!


Agree on Sandra's bitchiness--if Teyona is "wind-in the face", I have dubbed Sandra "smack-in-the-face".


So glad you're back! The Alison-as-precious-moments-figurine made me bust a gut.


<3 <3 <3
So glad you're back :)

JohnnyBoy K

Hey, I'm legally burnt!


I finally understand why everyone looks forward to Mondays! Okay, so your recaps are about 34982958295 times better than mine... But I can still envy you. The second I saw the Miss J thing you GIF'd at the beginning and the Elyse as Cycle 1's winner, I thought of you and said 'Oh god... I cannot wait'.

BRILLIANT START. Can't wait for tomorrow... I'm hoping that you somehow captured Allison's hilarious reaction to being called first and walking BACK into the throng of not yet safe girls. *Prays to Tyra*


Oh and I hate London too.


Rich! I feared your other duties would prevent the magical recap goodness.

As far as Celia goes, it scares me that I only realize how inarticulate the average contestant is when someone who actually is articulate is on the show. I don't think there's been anyone like her brainpower-wise since maybe Elise (the cycle 1 winner evidently.) Also, she's from Cynthiana, Kentucky which is like 30 minutes from my own home town. I am so FTW for this girl.

I was prepared to hate London and probably would if she were yelling at me about Jesus (altho it was real fun to fuck with those people back in my college days when one of the harbingers of springtime was the return of the "Hell is real" placard holders to the Ohio State Oval) but she kinda grew on me. The only other girl who made an impression was Allison.


1) SVH reference. Awesome.
2) Like Tyra didn't already know how Tahlia was burned.
3) Tyra really needs to let this whole Adrianne feud go. Everyone knows who won so she's only making herself looking like an asshole everytime she ignores it.
4) Dead on with the whole Allison/Bush Baby thing. Maybe she's related to that kid from American Idol. Also, she freaks me out.
5) Fo is the cutest thing on planet earth.
6) You are one of the reasons I still watch this shitty show. (The other being that I love to count the ways Tyra makes herself look foolish.)


allison is a bush baby!!!! hahaha. oh god, that's too much. and how much does celia look like the other blond from past cycle who had some skin disease during the season? can't wait to hear your recap about sandra - that one got under my skin in less than a commercial break.


The worst Mondays can be made into the best. Thank you, Rich!! As for Allison (I guess I HAVE to root for her b/c of the name)I was thinking some sort of lemur, but bush baby definitely works. VAMPIRE BUSH BABY!! Jennifer is crazy beautiful, Fo is adorable and I just want to hang with Celia. I've never liked so many contestant's personalities in a cycle before. I don't know who FTW, but please for the love of God get Sandra off this show soon.


Yes, yes, yes.
I'm so glad you're back.

I'm rooting for Fo because a.) she's cute as all hell. b.) she's from Albuquerque, the lost state.

Dr Worm

Allison = one of the freaky kids from Edward Gorey's Ghaslycrumb Tinies.


Blood fetish and all. :)

stompie smax

i could watch that "one more" moment in the madame/phyllis diller video on loop for days on end.

and god, i hope they send allison to japan when they're done with her. i want to see her on the street her so i can give her her longed-for nosebleed in the friendliest most loving and appreciative way possible.

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