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Philip in Tampa

Thank Christ, Taffy, Rich is back!

Love that image of some Grace in your Face/Slave to the TyTy! You are pure genius.


You know the irony of making Eylse the winner is that she has said she wants nothing to do with the show and declines any interview requests from Tyra. Not to mention she didn't win becuase she disssed the show and said that modeling was mostly about looking pretty and not about the 12 dozen firey hoops ANTM has the contestents jump through in order to be crowned pretty princess. So if eylse had won, I doubt Tyra would like her much more than Adrianne Curry.



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I am so into your article that I can not help to check out whether there is a newly update on you page. Your pages are so funny!

A whole bunch of stores have already started with the Christmas displays here, too. What's up with that?

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Looks tasty! I've been doing the Atkins diet for 3 weeks and will try this. My diet is so limited now. Thanks for sharing!


wat the fuck is wrong wit yall ppl.yea krista sha=e allrey had a modeling potential thats y she won, Rite it allrey matters in the inside to. But through out the whole show she acted like she was a bad bitch apperciate the confidence.But im sorry,she cant talk she look a black roach and anorexic.also, ugly and a man.jus keepin it 100% i mean not all models should b pretty cause its about personality to,her attitude to me in the show was like bitch i look to good to b botherin wit u. and she was like the ugliest one in the house.


Congrats Krista. Great job. I also would have liked to have seen a run-off with Krista and Angelea, but Angelea, your foul mouth and attitude in my iopnion sunk you. I so wish that when these women go out for this competition, they keep in mind that the show is looking for models to represent the modeling business and your mouth so matter how pretty and talented you may be, looks very ugly and undesirable on you. Please. Curb your mouth ladies,and show some class. At least until the competition is over.


Hey you guys in America! I'm watching ANTM in ngnlaed and i couldn't wait to see who won,, and frankly I'm shocked! I thought Angelea was doing so well, but Alasia needs to grow up! And please stop all the bitching about anorexia and ugliness! It makes you just as bad as the hating you profess to dislike, everybody is as bitchy as each other on that show! That's just what a house full are girls are like and some people have to be more strong because of how they've grown up, show more tolerance, x

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