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March 10, 2009



I've missed your ANTM posts. great, as usual! And the Celia comparison is uncanny! Great work!



Another great recap Rich, I've been refreshing obsessively for like an hour :)


The Sifl and Olly Show destroys--one of the only truly redeemable things MTV has done in forever, besides "Clone High." And you, sir, also destroy for linking to them twice in recent history. Bravo.


AGHH, thank you! My friend thought I was being a prick for thinking Thalia was annoying. You're completely right, I said the exact same, she's is only on the show because of her burn scars. And it's going to be the reason she's eliminated as well.

Fo for the win though, seriously. Why doesn't she just use Felicia.. Only someone in New Mexico would get something like "Fo" from Felicia.


Holy fuck, I was never a big fan of Alison, but the candid of her dolled up is beauitful

the dude

Oh Rich you freaking rock!!


fuck yes.

Many levels of awesome.


Those headbands have got to go.


Awesome Rich, particularly putting the mustache on Allison - genious. How I've missed these recaps...


Wow. Very funny but I'm totally worn out now.


I'm in hysterics over the Allison/Pep Boys thing... you just made my day. Allison FTW!


Maybe Thalia can hook up with the deaf contestant on The Amazing Race - they both have so much to prove!


ok, sandra (whom i despise) with the sydney opera house on her head - brilliant. it had me laughing out loud for the better part of five minutes.


the equation for Celia should be:

Cycle 4's Michelle + Ted Haggard / that Weird Little Boy in the neighborhood you grew up in (hey, we all had one!)

C4M + TH / WLB = Celia


So I was just about to give ANTM up and fully convert to Make Me a Supermodel as my prime narcissistic beauty show of choice. However I could not give up the Rich recaps. (ha punny without even trying) After reading the last two recaps it's well worth still viewing ANTM even if I can have to sit through Tyrisms such as: "You have a very small head and when objects get further away from the camera they get smaller" You, Rich, help confirm my contempt! Thank you, thank you very much!! =)


When Paulina said Isabella looked like a little person in her photo I fucking howled. Because she so did. Was this foreshadowing for next cycle? That mark on Natalie's head kinda confirmed to me why those skinny headbands always bothered me, they look painful. Tahlia - give the girl credit for working the ONE angle she has. I mean, I'd encourage her to just downplay the burns and just try and be a hot model, but look at her.


I'm so amazed that you didn't notice how mentally handicapped Allison looked in her photo with her teeth all bucked out and all. When we saw her picture, my boyfriend and I simultaneously said "Durrr".


What Tahlia said... I know because I was taking notes because that is what one does with obsession, besides wash ones' hands over and over again - she said, "I have the drive, I have the passion, I have the desire." So yeah, I was glad when Mr Jay called her on it because it was a bunch of cliched bullshit and it would have been sooooo much better if it were Angelea instead.

Crazy about the girl

Great recap! Thalia will be eliminated but not "because" of her scars but "because" she is not skinny, but yet not full size. The comment seesd was planted by Mr. Jay in this episode. That way, Ty will not be accused of discriminating against a person of skin variance. Btw, I thought Mr Jay's comment "you said all the right thing" was very ironic and spot-on. To remain on that show you have to be crazy, be a freak, be an *sshole or have a "mission". So Thalia was only playing the game, and Mr Jay pointed that out to her. If she wants to be a role model for burned kids, how about she gets herself an education and does well in life? Just a thought...


Celia looks like Michelle C4's mother. But I kind of like her. And it looks like London got Natalie into those weird headbands. I hope the two of them don't team up and start preaching about Jesus together now. Although that could be potentially hilarious.

I love your recaps. They are the highlight of my Mondays when I get home from school.


It's so, so telling that Jay said that he goes to Central Park "to get away from it all." Uh...really, now. Ever heard of the Rambles?

Allison's adorable, Celia is a goddess, Sandra is such a bitch, and Natalie exists?


I like the skeezy I'm-so-bored-but-whoa-hey-Tyra's-ass! look Nigel gives in that last gif. Oh Nigel, please never stop being you!


Total agreement, yet again. I heard that Sandra is getting a Jade-esque makeover, so maybe she's really heading towards her own 'IMAGINING THIS' (Sandraspeak for Imagine That) segment on your recaps.


The Mister Jay comments made me laugh a little too loud at work...and since no one else watches the show here it's wasted on others...I LOVE it tho!


yesss on the headband and yesssssssss on those fucking bea arthur scarves

love u richy !!!!!!

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