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March 26, 2009



wow! dumb + awkward + borderline illiterate = the for this in German is called "Fremdschämen" (being embarrassed for someone although they clearly have no notion that they should be embarrassed)


...the WORD for this, duh!


Just wow. Fascinating from a psychological perspective. If anyone is a study in mental disorders, it's her. Whenever I hear her speak (which I avoid, if I can help it) I recall that someone once told me that women who speak with little girl voices typically have had some traumatic experiences in their childhood, and never progressed past that. Whatever. Probably bullshit. Great video, though.


"I love you," tiny, interchangeable accessory-dog. Now get back in the LV and begone, until you can satisfy a need for me again.

"Love," you're doing it wrong.


she too loves lasagna



Taken out of context, this almost makes her seem kind of sweet, like someone you would want to hang out with, if you had no need whatsoever for stimulating conversation...on second thought, maybe "hang out" is too strong a word. Maybe "go pet the dogs at the pet store" is better.

Queen Lena

Wait. Does that mean she loves chocolate cheese lasagna?


That fake voice KILLS me


I think she let the mask slip in the pet store, and I have to say I feel for her.


I was really hoping that MTV.com would somehow make this season available, so that I could easily enjoy the British equivalent of Bikini Corrie.


I'm going to have to hold off watching this show, but it looks awesome and I loved the American version.

I thought I hated Paris Hilton, until I watched Paris Hilton's My New BFF. She's so great at being Paris Hilton.


What I wouldn't give for a gif of Paris kissing the dog and putting it in the LV bag. (please, Rich?)


FIONA hahaha that is awesome, the Germans have a word for everything. :)


This is amazingly LOL, as I have come to expect from your vids.

P.S. How do you feel about your stuff being posted over at ONTD? I would feel pretty frustrated if I was a blogger. I saw this over there after.


No Rich. Just, NO. I can get behind the love for Tyra...at least she DID/DOES something , asinine as it may be. I will never contribute to the pocketbook of this human waste in any way whatsoever. She's taken enough time out of my life by simply existing.

Kelly Booth

This girl is full retard...

BTW: I love my boobs too.

Holy Cuteness

Crazy Paris... I both liek and dislike her at the same time. She dating that guy from the hills now right? Dont know his name...


Ah, Paris. What a fascinating creature - she takes so much, we give so little, and somehow she's become the most famous person ever. She does nothing, we do nothing (who actually buys from her hair extension line? Didn't Zsa Zsa do wigs herself? Hmm. Paris strikes me more as an Eva Gabor archetype...but, lo, I digress...)and whammo! she tops some global survey on name recogntion, beating jesus, mother theresa, and P-Di. Plus - she has huge feet. I hear she's perfectly charming irl.


Excuse me, but having size 11 feet when you're super tall doesn't mean that your feet are huge. If she had size 7 feet they'd look too fall, and She'd probably fall over.

P.s. I have size 11 feet too!


Oops. I meant to say "they'd look too small"


Hilarious, but vastly reinforces how vapid she is. She just loves, loves, loves everything. And what's up with the blond dudes "I love you so much." Huh? Does he even say that to his mother?


She is 3/4 more tolerable than when I first saw her on The Simple Life.


I love some of the music they've nicked - the House MD opening, the American Beauty theme...


Her baby voice makes me want to deafen myself. And yet, I still watch this.


Uh oh, some jerkface stole this video from you :(

and without any apparent credit given to you.

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