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Elena Fort

This brightened up my sick-and0dying day. Love you!


I have been waiting all day for this, it makes my Mondays!


Love it. Your recaps are THE BEST. It seems like you're starting to come around on Celia though, which I don't agree with. That bitch isn't edgy, she's just FUG.


thank you thank you THANK YOU for the recap, as always, but about ten times that for the Sutan gif wall.

My life is that much better now.


I love Sutan! Can't speak for any of the models yet though... They're all sort of "meh" to me.


so um...HOW do i set that bite for my computer shut down sound?

Loved the post Rich, thank you so much! See, I missed this episode, both times, and was relying completely on you to get me up to speed!


Also, how the french do you radiate dullness?


thanks for that :)
Does anybody think that Allison post-makeover looks like Taylor Momsen in her current unloved raccoon phase?
Also- have to disagree on Celia and Sandra's makeover. Hawk is not a good look and that hair is way too light.
It used to be golden!




"Bitch, you ain't Genie"

Rich, you are amazing. Wild Child indeed.


RE: Allison, London, Sandra...

H2O2 no you didn't girl.


Celia is very Chloe Sevigny/Kirstin Dunst ugly-chic. Not my idea of attractive, but someone out there must like it, eh?

Miss Lisa

I keep forgetting to watch! That means I'm either getting smarter or suffering from dementia. In any case, it's a peaceful feeling...


Can we exchange one of the judges for Sutan? Please? He can leave Mayim Bialik at Wal-Mart, though.

Dandy Darkly

I'm pretty bummed that the only shot of Empress Mimi we were treated to was a still frame shot. Still Nolé Marin did indeed deliver, and bitch didn't need a costume gag to do it either. Ms. J, sashay walk away.

Makes me hopeful Janice might someday make a return visit...... or Twiggy. Blech.

I feel like Tyra has checked out again from ANTM. She was back a few cycles ago, but this shit seems stale.


London now looks like pre-makeover Jael.
Allison looks awesome.
Fo is the most beautiful contestant since Katarzyna.
Sandra looks like she has a head full of dandruff.


it was really easy for me to hate London until she got her makeover which i think is really cool. ugh! conflict!!


rich, you rock (how poetic!)


Didn't Celia's lack of eyebrows terrify you in the photoshoot? I know you know someone who knows her, or whatever, but talk about unfair advantage. My friends and I have been mocking that picture for almost a week now!


I agree with you re: Teyona. And we know Tyra wants to keep her around so she can continue comparing her to wind.


love the Chris Crocker trainwreck. you didn't write a song that she sang on the show, you uttered a not very witty phrase. no copyright on those, so the drama's all in your mind. Chris clearly should spend more time on make-up than thinking about this.


Here's something for your jellybag, Rich.

Teyona is looking a little Aileen Wournos mugshot in that "before" hair shot. Something about the pulled back face. Check it out.


I have to remember to stop reading your ANTM posts while my daughter is napping, because I laughed so hard at the Mr. Potato Head-glasses-mustache comments that I woke her up.


I really hope "wind in the face" Teyona doesn't win. She looks so like Furonda cycle 6, at certain moments. Yikes.

Sarah G

This was so great. I laughed out loud several times! Who does Allison look like with her new hair? It's going to bother me


I totally agree that Teyona is our probably winner... and I also didn't care to find out Prissy Pants Hairdresser's real name...

And Chris Crocker is so sad. Dear god. 'I know people in Hollywood'... Barely, baby. Barely.

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