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Fo fuck sakes! made my entire day. thank you thank you thank you!!


So, doesn't Aminat look just like Danielle?


OMG -- the Mr. Potato Head chic comment killed me. And then to follow up with the shot of Mr-Potato-Head-shaped Nole was awesome.

In other news, the gif of Ms. J at the end reminds me of the Grinch.

So many childhood memories brought back by ANTM. Sigh.


Another flashback -- I do believe Celia is channeling Madame. Especially when she opens that crazy mouth extra wide.


I was hoping you'd include the clip of that crew member tripping. I watched it about 100 times on DVR.


This has made me laugh so hard.


thank you for the dancing Sutan gif!! he's beautiful- i love him.

Gary Fembot

why are the cops throwing people around in that footage???


well, i must confess -- not only am i black but i also have natural hair, and i wasn't sure if aminat had a wig or if her fro was real. if it was real, i wanted to know what she did to it at night 'cause it was awesome! also, i wish tyra could've given her a better natural wig/weave. it'd be nice then always selling the idea that you're not pretty unless your hair grows long and straight down your back -- or you're bald. but tyra's blond, so who am i kidding?


Seriously, Chris Crocker needs a piece of humble pie...


Hey, I have that cat Allison has! I think I received it for my 7th birthday. It's a larger version of one of the old Ty beanie babies, Hahaha.

Fantastic recap, as always.


You love Chris Crocker? Oh honey, no.

Still, enjoyed the recap!


Luv luv luv Allison. Fo is over the top but I love her looks so I'm torn.

Celia is the fugliest girl there and her makeover is just trying to hide it. Plus? She looks like she's going to shape up to be a major bitch. Not my thang. Mm-mm.


I wish that just once Flea with his giant scissors from The Big Lebowski would show up for Make Over Day.


Does Celia remind anyone else of Crazy Stephanie from this last season of The Bachelor? (AKA the widow who I liked to refer to as "The bitch with the eyebrows" until my boyfriend asked me to stop because he thought it was mean.) I think it's the severe cheekbones, because it's definitely not a personality thing.

Also, the London as Gizmo gif made me laugh until I cried.


Celia = Martha Plimpton - does no one else see it? (The hair cut made it all clear)


My god that riot footage was amazing. I hope next cycle means we get really psycho deluded shorties who dreamed and dreamed of modeling to get them out of exploitationville if only they were just 5 inches taller.



price tag

Good for you. Of course, your rather would be very proud of your accomplishments.

card holder

A fitting tribute to your beloved abuelita. She would be so pleased. You certainly are a pretty lady, too.

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