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March 20, 2009



Awesome post about one of my very favourite people.

I admit that I don't really care about Aerial not being sexy... it's like at this point, she's become freakin' elemental.


This is amazing. Thank you so much. i've loved her ever since i raided my dads records when in was a kid.





I am so happy you posted this! I have been such a big Kate Bush fan for years now. It saddens me that so many people don't know who she is. The fact that Wuthering Heights came out when she was 19 is incredible to me. She's a genius pure and simple.


I love Kate Bush so much. I found 'Hounds of Love' at my friends party (on vinyl) and you better believe I sang 'Running up that hill' in front a bunch of drunkards.


LOVE this woman. "The Man with the Child in His Eyes" wrecks me in the best possible ways.

Also, if you haven't heard the Puppini Sisters (sort of a neo-Andrews Sisters) version of "Wuthering Heights", it is an absolute must-listen.


Best post of the year so far Rich! Kate Bush is a musical genius, on par with David Bowie, Zappa etc. Her songs are always about "something" as opposed to the modern banal drecky standard love/hate/party songs that are all too common today. All her albums are good, Hounds especially, tho my favorite is The Sensual World. This Woman's Work is an achingly beautiful song.

Miss Lisa

Wonderful GIFs. It's like Christmas in Springtime.

Back in the early 80s, we college DJs were dutifully expected to revere Ms. Bush and her artistic output, WITHOUT QUESTION. Many men simply grunted and turned away when she was brought up in conversation, but we females were supposed to embrace the seriousness that Bush imposed on her oeuvre and to embrace the artful poetry and movement of her Royal Bushness.

Waaaaaay in the back of my head, my little thoughts cried out, "But...but...she's completely RIDICULOUS!...isn't she?" Thank you for giving that tiny voice a big shout out today.


wow I had the shittiest day today (company-wide 10% paycuts!), but this blog post made me feel a lot better. kate bush is exactly what the hard times call for. thank you.

Lolita Hazed

Two Suns is going to be a force to be reckoned with, very much on par with her preceding weird girls like Kate Bush. Women like these make me SO PROUD to be weird.


This is completely awesome, Rich! I found KB in a music theory class, when the "cool" professor was willing to use pop music (well, musically brilliant pop music) during instruction. She is vocally amazing, incredibly creative, and always makes me feel something I don't expect. I love listening to Lionheart, especially Symphony in Blue.


I am always fascinated by the love she gets from rappers. Tupac loved her. Big Boi went through a major Kate Bush phase growing up. What is it exactly about Kate Bush that speaks to young brothers? Her looniness is inspiring.


awesome!!! not in my wildest dreams would i imagine i'd wake up to kate bush gifs today! she's the one who really made me love music when i started listening to her in high school. know and love all her records by heart.

cool rich


Thanks for this terrific post! Kate Bush came along at a time when rock stars were only supposed to be outrageous off the stage. Also, no one quite knew what to make of the new rock video medium, so we tended to take the pretentiousness of it very seriously. Kate Bush was anomaly. Was she serious, or was she having us on? Either way, it was highly entertaining. It's too bad she never toured or she would've been huge!

Craig D'Arville

Rich, I, too, downloaded Two Suns on a whim last week and after the first track thought to myself, "If Kate Bush were a young woman today, this is what she'd sound like.". Then I saw the video for Daniel, which completely reminded me of both the video for Running Up That Hill and Leigh Bowery in all his exalted high-freakery. I felt like a kid again and felt, for a moment, what it was that compelled me to work in a record store for all those years.

Thank you!

Craig D'Arville

Ok, I'm back. I've just spent a few minutes looking at the gif wall. It's balls-out intensity made me cry! And I'm not ashamed to admit that.

I'm so glad that, as a teenager during the 80s, I had Kate Bush and her reassuring craziness to help me get through being a closeted gay kid in Canadian suburbia. Kate's music has always been on heavy rotation in my house but I'd forgotten how awesome all those videos were. You've truly made my week, Rich!


I am SO HAPPY YOU MADE THIS POST! I have been dreaming of the moment you would tackle the majesty of Kate Bush and bow down at the altar of her mad genius. I can't think of a more wonderful moment in the history of music videos than in "Babooshka" when OUT OF NOWHERE Kate stops dancing with a cello and explodes like a supernova in a burst of glory. That or the moment in "Running Up that Hill" when she becomes both EVE and THE SERPENT and slithers down her dancing partner's body. Or when she plays Donald Sutherland's son in "Cloudbusting" (that video would make a great pairing with Dusan Makavajev's W.R. Mystery of the Organism btw).

I think what makes her so great is that she has never compromised her vision and her wackadoodleness has always been grounded in an honest sense of purpose. That she can embrace the craziness of "Babooshka" and create the joyous celebration of giving yourself over to love 1000% with the tango from "Hounds of Love" is what makes her THE BEST EVER OF ALL TIME.


If I only could, I'd make a deal with God and I'm get him to swap our places.

Only I could never create this fantabulous wall of Bushery (the hearing impaired btw must love her because even I can clearly make out "Fantastic!") I hate to say I barely know any of these videos. Which is what I"ll now be focusing on instead of work this Friday afternoon.


this entry was simply heavenly.


Rich + Kate Bush?! Mon dieu! I had no idea. I am absolutely in love with this post. You seriously conjure up ideas that I never knew were possible to put into words. I adore you.


I love Kate. Great write-up. Two more things:
1) GIF 18 in the GIF wall: Clay Aiken, right? His earliest muse? I care care little for Clay Aiken and his antics, but still.
2) Kate has spawned one of the most impressive hordes of bizarre youtube-featured followers. A friend and I have a theory that she inspires genius in the minds of the needy and ambitious. Muse indeed.
Those are limited examples, but all the same... genius.


I remember your love for KB from way back. "Suspended in Gaffa", I think was the example you used as one of your favorite songs. Mine, too. I'd loop it at work and even the haters would be having a ball and doing impromptu irish jigs before too long.

She's an enigma, though. While she doesn't mind looking borderline batshit in her videos, her lifelong stagefright is legendary (hence the lack of touring). And while she'll happly burble on about high concepts and creative minutiae in interviews, any remotely personal questions will cause her to "politely, but firmly shut down like the gates of a steel drawbridge" as one music journo put it.

She's a great lady, and meant a lot to me growing up. I even have my own Kate-related coming out story that's too long and stupid to put here, but if anyone deserves a GIF wall, it's her.


Killer GIF wall of a killer person!


Yes!!!! I love Kate Bush; "Running Up That Hill" is one of my favorite songs. She's like Stevie Nicks on PCP!


Whenever in need of an instant Kate Bush fix, I have turned to my turntables or to youtube- but this post is like a perfect pill that goes on my tongue, to my brain- now I see fireworks!

Does anyone know the name of the dutch TV documentary about Kate's reclusive tendencies? And what would be the best way to find it on the internet?

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