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that's Mrs. Nigel to you

This is why YOU are awesome:
"There's nothing more satisfying to me than something that doesn't announce itself as intentionally or accidentally hilarious, something that slips through that crack of decidedness and tickles my brain as it dissipates into multiple receptors."
I'm so glad you do what you do.
For me its not 2 Kates, its thinking about KB in a Top Model format reality show that's done exploded me. Thanks for taking me there!


I have also re-found Kate Bush. I was reminded when Chromatics released "Running Up That Hill", so I went back to the original with it's e-yo e-yo chanting. I love Bat for Lashes but agree the intervals in her vocals don't vary enough and make the melodies seem simple and repetitive however beautiful her voice.


That was pure genius.

And no matter where I am, no matter what IO am doing Wuthering Heights makes me cry like a baby.


Oh my god, that .gif of Kate looking around and twiddling her fingers looks so much like London talking about eliminations on this week's ANTM. They're both weird--go figure.


do you work for the soup now?
"america's next top tyra" is suspicious


where can i get two suns!!


Ahhhh I have not been in a Kate Bush mood in so long. I think Spring will reawaken my need for this batshit siren.


you completely brightened my day and hounds of love is going on the turntable now.

John R

I recommend M83 - "Saturdays = Youth" as well. It reminds me of Kate Bush in the best possible way (and I didn't like the album before that all.

Thanks Rich!


My mom used to play Kate Bush in the car when I was a child and I honestly thought she was punishing me. But now that I'm older, I can appreciate the madness.


I love Kate Bush, and I love youg blog. Thank you so much for this post. It really cheered me up.


On a scale of 10, this posting rates about an 11 on the "awesome" scale.


I often find it difficult to reconcile for others my insane love for Kate Bush with my acknowledgment that she's annoying as hell. It's akin to the dialogue in Ghost World (Rebecca: This is so bad it's almost good. Enid: This is so bad it's gone past good and back to bad again.) But with Kate that wheel keeps turning and yet consistently ends on good again. I think her saving grace is the balance between her bizarre behaviors and her earnestness. If there was any winking (as opposed to metronomic blinking CLICK CLICK) that magic would be lost.

Do your self a favor and what this AMAZING CLASSIC KATE clip and keep watching:

Hal O

Aerial isn't sexy?

I'm reminded of something Roger Ebert said about Scorsese's The Age of Innocence:

"I got some letters from readers who complained the movie was boring, that "nothing happens in it." To which I was tempted to reply: If you had understood what happened in it, it would not have been boring."

Honestly. Aerial is sexy as hell. If you understood sex, it wouldn't have been unsexy to you.


oh shit rich this is beautiful. thank you!!!


this post deserves some sort of an award (not sure what that would be, however). make sure you check out the futureheads version of hounds of love:


I spent a FULL work day last week looking up Kate Bush randomness because I missed her, thank you so much for this post!! Such great timing!!


Insider Secret: the Large Hadron Collider is really just a ploy to get Kate Bush and Tori Amos in the same room.




I didn't realize she had this many videos out there. I remember the "Running Up That Hill" one and I think she had one for "Women's Work" maybe? But thanks for this post. It made my day.


God I love Kate! She's the queen!


You realise she has more than a passing resemblance to Ms Tracie?


typical. there are two type of gays. the madonna/britney/janet club gays and the bjork/kate/fiona gays. both equally obnoxious except the latter have this annoying sense of elitism. kate is fucking retarded and people fall into the trap of thinking she's a genius.


Oh, Rich, don't push your foot on my heartbrake! I'd no idea you were so fond of Kate -- there were years when she had a perpetual (obsessive) spot on my playlist.

When I was in high school, I spent an entire vacation in London trolling every record store I could find looking for rare or live recordings that would otherwise have never found their way across the Atlantic. A fact I can freely share now that I've been inspired by the effort put into your gif wall.

You've reminded me that I have VHS tapes of her videos in a closet somewhere waiting to be converted to DVDs. I was also just looking at my boxed set of This Woman's Work/Anthology 1978-1990. It was a Japanese import (if no where else, you know she would have a dedicated fanbase in Japan) and all of the liner notes are in Japanese, but there were some amazing b-sides and live versions of some of the songs included - a treasure trove of mp3 clips waiting to be mined.

I don't think what she was doing was weird for weird's sake though. There's something very earnest and guileless in her work -- I don't get the ever-present cynicism that pervades so much of our reality-tv world now. I'm trying to think of anyone else I could imagine singing Be Kind to My Mistakes and truly meaning just that.

Yes, certainly in the running for greatest person who ever lived.


Another current musician who is clearly under a big Kate Bush influence (and has mentioned onstage that the first record he bought was The Kick Inside) is Antony Hegarty.

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