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Great animated gifs! I'm a mad crazy Kate Bush fan! And I say I'll have to disagree with you on Aerial - I believe it's an absolute masterpiece - AND sexy - listen to Nocturn and you'll feel the sexiness come through!!!! :-D
She is the only artist that I love every song and every album of!


Thank you, my life is now complete.

Jenny Tills

You have to admit, shes a very pretty woman, nice big boobs and a small waist. I hate it when you see fat birds saying look at the size of my jugs. No point having twin peaks if youve got to climb mount vesuvius to get to em I say!


Sorry to rain on your parade, but this post is utter nonsense. Have you heard any of her records at all? These kind of opinions, fussing about her being "so weird", have been the prerogative of the earless and the plain dumb since the beginning of her career. Comparing Kate to reality show freaks and Tyra Whatever celebrity types puts you in that latter category, I'm afraid.

Roger W

wow i was looking for Kate Bush animated .gifs oddly enough. More so wuthering heights in the red dress (when she dances and disappears off into the distance) Awesome work!


Great post and might I say that 'The Dreaming' is one of her best albums. Love that you chose it instead of the usual 'Hounds of Love'. I might not be the best judge, however, as I love 'The Red Shoes' too.

Gwynneth Reitz

You have just blown my mind. Seriously.


I remember seeing Kate on SNL back when I was a teen on an episode with Steve Martin as the host and keep waiting for him to come out with an arrow on his head and a banjo to reveal that this "artist" was indeed a joke - and now we can all laugh. Instead she slinked around around on a piano and sang Man with the child in his Eyes. I kept thinking, She's kind of hot, but then she'd stare at the camera like she wanted to eat it or was a second away from screaming. I was freaked. I still bought The Dreaming.

antony j

i kissed her once..... slurp!



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If you have to do it, you might as well do it right.


this is seriously the best thing i have ever seen. it feels like christmas. kate bush is my religion, never for ever is my bible.

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If you have to do it, you might as well do it right.


what a wonderful post...just discovered this! She is the most amazing artist, in every way. trailblazer!

Account Deleted

Amazing post!
The Dreaming is my favourite!
Thanks for the gifs. Here's another one I did myself for the collection:


GREAT post. I have loved Kate for over twenty years and have been influenced by her greatly in my own music. Thanks for the humor that even Kate would appreciate.


I remember seeing her on Top of the Pops for the first time with Wuthering Heights and being knocked sideways.
The thing she's always done is been absolutely true to what she wants to do. It is mad, half of it, but it's her madness and you can see she absolutely believes in this stuff. No one has said 'Kate, you look like a kid doing a witch in the school play', or if they have she's told them that was the effect she was after.
It's unique music and incredibly emotional stuff which, as people have noted, in these days of bland pop, is absolutely what we need.
The visual style does sometimes look hilarious now but, there again, look at some of Bowie's mime without laughing if you can. Doesn't stop him being a genius, in fact it's part of it, as it is for her.


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Television is NOT real life. In real life people actually have to leave the coffee shop and go to jobs.

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What a crazy girl, man. The thing is that she is lovely too. Very nice post. I didn't remember that crazy dance. It's so funny!

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She is great and crazy, its been a while since I saw her site and some of her craziness.


One of my greatest regrets in life is that I never persuaded Kate to marry me. Hey ho, I'll settle for all her albums, 12 inch singles and seeing her perform at the Hammy. Nice tribute. Thanks.

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Kate Bush though a little bit creepy on my part is very much lovable. I love this animated gifs of her. I'm going to use this on my personal blog, may I?

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