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I look at this gif wall probably once every other month. This is, by far, my favorite blog post on the internetz. THANKS DUDE.

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Wonderful tribute to your friend, Matt, and heartbreaking. I'm sorry you lost him.

Medical mask

Really great writing, Matt - it is more horrifying from the well crafted perspective you chose. I'm glad you finally got to write it, and that the years of mulling how to do so gave you this fine piece. All that said - the horror never recedes.

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Thank you everyone for your comments! This discussion is far more encompassing than my struggles within the medical community.

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What a harrowing story, George. I'm glad you are feeling much better now. Well written story. Thank you for sharing.

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Thank-you for this very informative article and for putting the facts out there!


Kate Bush is fantastic performance


Weird? Her performances always looked like any song/dance routine on Broadway. Luckily some of the music made up for it.


Ha! Excellent descriptions...remember when we bought that crazy KB bootleg video tape from the bong store? Your assessment of her technical but still totally batty dancing is spot on!

love, Amy

Sterling Silver

Kate Bush is a fantastic artist, although she's a bit eccentric on most of her performances. :)

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You are such an inspiration. The courage you have to keep moving forward with an open-heart, to keep readjusting and reinventing in an effort to realize the best you -- well, I hope one day I'll have that kind of courage.

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I'm so glad you got over your fear - or are at least able to control it - for your children's sake. I hope I'll be able to do the same with a lot of my fears and anxieties. Thanks for this inspiring tale.

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