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I laughed so hard when I saw Celia's face it was like she was hypnotized or whatever! Oh and Allison is totally rocking the hobo look... a very COLORFUL hobo! she should go to panel wearing that awesome beanie I'm not even kidding!


I'd love to know why you chose the Finnish version of that Alice in Wonderland clip when there are perfectly good Dutch and Polish versions on YouTube.

You're probably suggesting that Celia's Finnish(ed). And I'd probably have to agree.

Wish I knew where this season was going.


i laughed so hard at the first madonna pic.


what happened to london and her mission to spread the love of jesus christ to the world of fashion?


I too was waiting to see what you'd say about Celia. I like--she is the most plausible model in the bunch as far as actual skills and knowledge go...and Thalia's a whiny PITA who should never have been cast in the first place. It's a shame Celia will like be sent home for this, despite Tyra's claims on a regular basis that the most important part of the competition is WANTING TO BE THERE ('cause how many girls have we seen dismissed because they've "lost spirit" and "don't seem to want to be here"?) which Thalia only seems to want when things are going her way and she's being undeservedly praised. Celia FTW!


LOL at Dru's comment - comedy gold!

Celia's still my pick - she IS fug, but she's the only one who actually dresses like a model, is smart enough to be a successful model (is that an oxymoron); looks AWESOME on the catwalk. I agree that she shouldn't have stepped out - but she's young and I sure as hell could see myself doing something that obnoxious "and in the pursuit of justice"-y at that age.

Loved your recap Rich - and god. I am so SICK of Tahlia!!!!!


Can someone please explain to me what Benny Ninja said pre-photoshoot...he said, "get your hairs did" and sounded like: "get your carta snatched". what the heck did he say??


Tahlia = this cycle's Saleisha.

A girl who Tyra wants to be the winner, and is manipulating the contest in the process.

Proof is in the pudding: Best picture, wtf?


I hoped you would include that cornily dramatic zoom-in of Celia. (I laughed out loud during the episode right then.) And I loved the Finnish "Alice" clip!


How could you not mention Orange Jay's magical quote: "I have a feeling Benny’s going to give it to me in the back." Or was that just too obvious a joke?

Posted by: Mooshki | March 30, 2009 at 01:43 PM



A) Go Celia. As one of the other girls pointed out (Natalie maybe?), Tahlia is only sad and homesick when she's not being actively praised. Modeling is all about REJECTION. I feel like she's genuinely confused as to what this job entails.

B) Why isn't there more to-do about London? God that bitch is fierce.


Thank you Jess. I knew there was something else. What the heck DID Benny say after "Get your hair did"? I could have sworn he said "snatch" although he was pointing at his face and I'm also thinking Benny and snatch don't really go together.


Does anyone else think the challenges this cycle suck? Dress like children but not! Hold your own lights! Be a NY district! Dress like an immigrant! Eh. They're boring concepts and don't translate well.

Also, I just saw the first cycle and since I started watching in cycle 5, I had no idea how low-rent this show used to be! During judging, the girls stood in front of curtains in a hotel room?


I totally admire Celia. I cringed, yes, but still, I admire her. Did you notice though, the tears in Tyra's eyes? Kind of like she had no idea she made such a mistake and is embarrassed? Tyra was totally rocking the teary eyes as she was delivering her nonsense to Celia. Oooh....


I know you're not doing the jelly bag this cycle, but seeing April last week reminded me that she is really just a slim Steve Perry in a dress. Unsettling, really.

Jek, I think those were tears of joy in Tyra's eyes. "Finally, some ratings! Cha-ching!" Seriously, she should be hiring Celia full time to stir up more drama in the house. Well done, Celia.

I'm on the fence with this one, since I long ago realized that the point of this show was not giving the win to the best model. Yes, panel was probably/definitely the wrong place to be bringing Tahlia's issues up (especially when they were not brought up by Tahlia) but don't even for a second try to convince me that Tyra & Co. did not have a hint of what might happen at panel. All this nonsense about Tyra not knowing what goes on in the house, puh-lease. She's the executive producer of the show and she doesn't keep tabs on who is the mostly likely lawsuit waiting to happen?

I commend Celia for sticking to her guns, especially when no other co-conspirator had the balls to do so. Tahlia should also be jumping for joy, because now she has even more to whine about! See? Everyone's a winner.


I look forward to these recaps even more than I look forward to the show (which, admittedly, I look forward to A LOT, despite how cheesy the show is... or maybe BECAUSE of how cheesy it is).

I'm so glad that you share my Tahlia disdain. She's obnoxious, unattractive, and clearly Tyra's pet project of the cycle. UGH.


Let's just fast-forward to the part where Fo and Teyona battle it out in "high fashion" vs. "commercial"

Lamest season is lame.


I was SO excited when they showed Kevin Aviance. Feeling like an oooooorchid!

also, as soon as the zoom on Celia's pissed face happened, i knew it would be a GIF.

also, I completely agree with your sentiment on not being able to stand Thalia for 40 minutes once a week, let alone live with her. Just seeing her ups and downs wall irritated me. GO AWAAAY.


To Dru: No one in KY wants to claim that alien! Go back to Mars would be more like it!!





Is it just me or does anyone else see the resemblance between Allison and Chelsea Clinton?

ps: I'm surprised the judges didn't comment on Sondra sticking her tongue out at the audience when they booed her


Rich should soooooo do Make Me a Supermodel!
Honestly I don't even watch theis cycle anymore, but I can't miss the recaps. I'll watch later on VH1 or Oxygen.


"And she was also featured on America's Next Top Model's Models in Action segment as recently as right this second!"

So freaking funny!


HAHAHA the tilda swinton comparison is simply genius!

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