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These gurls don't work hard enough to be on ANTM.They become tattle tales,loud and obnocious.They don't appreciate being in Tyras presence. They don't even realize the LUCK they have, by being chosen for the show. I think they should cancel the model auditions,and send our TALENT SCOUTS to hand pick the potential ANTM.this way they can catch a girl in her natural self and see her real beauty......please concider this idea...Tyra...I know you read the blogs...


the only reason celia won this challenge was because she actually looked like a drag queen with that blonde audience of gays...hmm do they prefer a girl that looks like a girl, or a girl that looks like a guy that looks like a girl?


Underneath Tyraism #3, Tyra's crazy similar to Nik, no?



under the counter phentermine

If you have to do it, you might as well do it right.

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