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March 30, 2009



i was waiting for that psycho-eyed celia gif.

life = complete


Yes, I also noted that ANTM guest spot was listed in the Top Models in Action bit. How self-promoting!

Also, Celia is starting to remind me of Melrose. Know it alls who like the smell of victory!


all I could think while watching the judging was how much fun fourfour would have with those ridiculous zoom-ins of the contestants faces (see Celia and Allison). Sigh, thank you for living up to my expectations, and then some.


Celia should never, ever be a print model. She is absolutely fug when she's isn't in motion. Sorry, Tyra -- you can't have 12 butter faces in the show and think you're super edgy for casting them. Not how it works.
I do thank Tyra for putting her in the show, however, for injecting some life into this mediocre cycle!!! I might just shoot myself in the foot, a la Celia, to complain about Tahlia!!!

miss mary

That last picture was all you needed to post.


Tocarra the Pest! I'm totally Cleary.

(Although I had the misfortune of reading and enjoying those books while being male and growing up in rural Pennsylvania. Great books, bad place to be a fan. But getting beat up has is own rewards...right?)

miss mary

If it wasn't for this show, I would be blissfully unaware that somehow there are people in this world who have made careers out of telling people how to pose and swirl.


How could you not mention Orange Jay's magical quote: "I have a feeling Benny’s going to give it to me in the back." Or was that just too obvious a joke?


YAY!!!!!!! I laughed so hard at the Tilda Swinton thing. And I'm so glad that Benny has wormed his way out of hearts other than my own. He has failed me =(


I've been waiting since the very end of the episode to see what you had to say about Celia and Tahalia. You didn't disappoint. Thanks!

miss mary

I just have to say one more thing:


If you are going to spell your name as some sort of pseudo Italian type 'thing', at least pronounce it properly. Two consonants together mean that you emphasize that syllable. It would be TOCC-ara. Her stupid mother should have spelled it Tocarra, if they wanted it pronounced as toc-ARRA. Does that make sense? No? Whatever, it bugs me...especially since her name almost translates to 'touch', which makes even less sense. Gotta love europe by way of ghetto.


Spot on with the Quentin Blake reference!


While watching this episode, I actually caught myself noting which moments would be good animated gif candidates.
And yeah, the Tahlia shizzle is totally rigged. I knew it was bull as soon as they showed her picture and all of the judges went into fake "woooow!" "ooooh!" exclamations. I know that the editors make it so we're not supposed to like her, but I honestly don't think she's a model. If they ditch Celia then fuck this shit. She's the only mildly clever one on there.


Also, Tahlia's photoshoot wardrobe resembles a pirate wench. Kind of inappropriate around dear little Tilda.

Sarah G

I love that you reference Juliana Hatfield on a regular basis.

Today's was great!


God, this show is running purely on awkward.


Is Benny in on the joke? I'm wondering if he goes to a viewing party at a club and collects money from people who dared him to say/do random things that were put into a fishbowl.

Thanks for making my Mondays (and Wednesdays since now while watching each episode I think of Allison wiping herself with her wig) Rich!

Guy DeLuk

Even though I started to resent watching the show, recaps and comments of the readers still make me feel like watching it. Thanks, y'all. Celia is probably one of the best thing that has happened to the show- at least it makes freaking ANTM history.

Guy DeLuk

That is, within last few cycles I mean...


Tilda Swinton! Genius. Or perhaps Danny Bonaduce pulled some Benjamin Buttons shit and became a Partridge again.

This recap was the funniest so far, and I think it's because you were finally given something to work with. Toccara is right, these girls don't really stand out. Plus, the shitty photo shoots aren't helping any.

Tyra's favoritism of Tahlia hit a new low with that first call out. Are you kidding me with that shit? Teyona should have gotten first. I mean, even Tyra said she told a story with her eyes. All Tahlia did was raise her hand because she was Sure.

Celia...sigh. Why did you do that my little Plimpton? I mean, I respect it and all, but you don't ever question the Great Tyra. Now go take your place bitch. Way to blow the competition.


anybody notice when kortnies eyes randomly got really big when they were at judging? lol


I was really counting on you to provide a Benny-to-English translation of what getting your "kurchur snetched" means. I know that getting your "hurrrrr did" means getting your hair done, but I was completely lost about the second half of that sentence.


Teyona is going to win. She seems really sweet, she had a ton of personality in casting--her tomboy childhood in rural New Jersey, her realization as she got older that she was hot (which if anything came off as sort of dykey rather than narcissistic because she was so endearingly tomboyish), the recurring question as to whether or not she is from Earth--and has pretty much disappeared despite performing very well every week.They're gonna start her arc once the Celia/Tahlia flareup burns itself out and she'll be the obvious lock like McKey was.
Also as Allison's hair gets more and more fucked up she looks more and more like Jenah


I'm trying not to get angry about Tahlia's continued presence in my ANTM viewing life (Best pic? Seriously? Yet London's sucked?) What I'd like to focus on instead is that we all watched Celia commit Top Model seppuku and all we could think is "What will RICH say?"

(altho I sincerely hope that Celia hasn't just screwed the pooch because of that.)

I have to say I admire her altho who didn't see Tyra's reaction coming? Still, Tyra was at least 50% likely to turn to Tahlia and ask her about it, no?

I was going to ask if Tahlia is this cycle's Isis (e.g. the girl who can't possibly make it but is kept around for so long to prove some random point of Tyra's) but Isis could model when she wasn't being repeatedly forced into a swimsuit. She also wasn't fucking annoying. And had a Model's physique at least. I guess these grapes are sour after all.


Rich, STOP BEING IN LOVE WITH CELIA AND EXCUSING HER ACTIONS. Is it just because she is "a friend of a friend" so you can't talk shit about her?

She is pretentious and conceited and fug. She is not good, she is not smart, she is not clever, and I DO NOT LIKE HER.

She was totally OBNOXIOUS to have said that about Tahlia. I do not respect her in the slightest for doing that. It was petty and rude. Go back to KY.

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