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The real difference between now and cycle 4 is basically that contestants have learnt that if they show a hint of not taking panel seriously to the Nth, they're gone. You don't give these assholes of ego shit.


Paulina: That weird, eastern European tackiness is gone!
Ka-TAR-zyna: Thank you.

Not eliminated.

Ka-TAR-zyna: Say my name, bitch!
Tyra: Whatever darling- GO.



What the hell was the photo shoot theme? Tahlia looks like she's wearing some sort of stereotypical Russian thing, I pray I'm wrong.

And I seriously thought that was Tilda Swinton's Mini-Me when I saw that pic as well.

Dandy Darkly

Rich - you and Winston need to be guest judges.


I cannot get over how much Celia looks like C.C. from "The Nanny." With maybe a bit of Persian cat thrown in.


speaking of that episode repeating a false statement so many times in the vain hope we would start to believe it, why the HELL did Tyra keep insisting that Sandra was so "beautiful" and "gorgeous" and whatnot? That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Her forehead sticks out farther than her nose; this is a problem. She's like some sort of cro-magnon humanoid. She's disgusting looking, and whether she can take a random good picture or not, don't pretend that she is hot, that's just offensive.

Secondly, have you noticed how borderline plus-size Tahlia is? As if her presence could be any more offensive.

Calling out the little ginger boy as Tilda Swinton is the best thing I've heard in a while. Thanks!


I was okay with Celia at first and I never thought Thalia should have been selected in the first place BUT COME ON that was ass a holetry taken to the next level. Totally out of pocket, totally out of line and totally weak. Yes, its good to state your opinion especially if you feel that something important is at stake, but you have to have timing and civility, its called TACT to be exact. Twas not the time nor the place for the manly looking blond chick to speak up. I ain't mad at TYRA for putting her little ass back in place. PLAY YOUR POSITION SUCKAS.


One other thing--Tahlia's continued presence makes me miss Janice Dickinson and I never thought I'd say that. Damn.

Steve Abramson

Rock > Me > Hard Place...

My two favorites this cycle are Celia and Tahlia (just 'cuz - no explanation needed) - so imagine how upset I was by the end of the episode.

But why... why... WHY is NOONE asking the bigger question.

Celia had heard at least TWICE that Tahlia was acting so defeated (once when she was talking to Allison and Allison blabbed; other time when Tahlia told Celia directly at the makeup trailer). You notice NEITHER time has us showing Celia saying anything to... oh I dunno... just to pick a name out of a hat... Tahlia???

You used the word unfair, and I really think this is? Not since the Fatima/Passport thing in Cycle 10 have I felt so fucking manipulated by editing.

I see Celia's point and she's right.
I see Thalia's point (and she could just be scared).

I don't think either of them are necessarily wrong - but the person who edited this shit are - because I just know SOMETHING was missing from the final product. Celia didn't say ANYTHING to Thalia? NOONE? (especially after the house meeting at the end). I call 5 shades of bullshit.

and you know this show is hitting an all time low when in two weeks Clay Aiken will be a guest. (I guess Sarah/C8 was too busy "singing" so they got the next best thing?)


I gave up on this show during the season where Tyra dressed up as a fairy princess, but I get all I need from your recaps, Rich!

That Quentin Blake reference made me choke on my own laughter, seriously. I'm picturing his head shrinking into his neck into his body until he disappears! heh


Tilda Swinton cameo - hilarious! ^_^


Celia is a complete bitch and even if eeeeeveryone in the world agreed with what she said (which they don't, Tahlia is a mess but she looks better than Celia most of the time), she was still way out of line in saying ANYTHING to the judges about who should stay and go. How much bias is there in saying that? Where does she get off?

Tyra's rebuttal made no sense but at least she didn't just agree with Celia. How did Celia think that would end? Yuck.

She is by far the weirdest looking girl there (yes, even with Allison's crazy eyes!) and behaves abysmally. She and Sandra are totally unattractive human beings and I hope they both leave, leave, leave.

I REALLY wish they'd fix Allison's hair, though, because it just looks like a bad mess, and I don't even think it's her fault. Still lovin' her. Can't wait for more.


Teach is NOT a noun. Cannot they just say lesson? So annoying.


Have to agree with Toccara - these girls have shown zero personality. They need to get Sheenafied.


As much as I dislike Celia after this episode, I did like her deadpan, "Oh. It rhymes."


"Sour" is definitely the new "in" word. It is obviously the opposite of "fierce!"

trick please

I'm sorry but Allison is so weird looking- her huge compound eyes dug me

trick please

*bug- I meant bug me.


tahlia, is that you?

Do you not think that top model is a pagent contest of its own now? Especially with Toccara yamering on about personality, I was waiting on her getting out a jar of vaseline and teaching the girls about rubbing it on their teeth.


Best part of the show
Jay: I know Benny's gonna give it to me in back!
I bet he is, Jay. I bet he is.


I don't know Rich, I don't think anything could be more annoying than a Katy Perry song.


Rich please please please blog about "Make me a Supermodel" on Bravo. I didn't think it possible but it's even more ridiculous than antm. More self-important, more hilarious challenges and with hot men! All that's missing is your snarkalicious commentary.


Im still laughing about the Tilda Swinton child like seven hours later. I tried to explain it to my boyfriend earlier and he was just like "what the hell are you on?"


Tilda Swinton observation is mother effin GOLD.


OMG I just remember who Allison look like. Moral Orel, especially in that drag queen looking wig for the pose off!!

that's Mrs. Nigel to you

Yes. We like watching girls do dumb shit. That is why we're here :)

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