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March 30, 2009



HAHAHA at the tilda swinton child.

also, i loved it when sandra said, "this is not a comedy show."


Best. Post. Ever.

elle b.

Tahlia has the MOST model potential. Stop being haters. Celia is a big whore and Tahlia DESERVES to be there. She has the MOST model potential. And all of you are STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID (per aminat). STUPID.

If you didn't see that correctly, let me repeat myself: STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID.

Tahlia IS absolutely deserving of all the praise she gets. She IS a model and WILL have the best career out of all of these girls because I say so.

Just like I believed the Saleisha was the GREATEST ANTM winner EVER. the BEST, no matter how many of you thought her photos were completely overrated and obviously hyped up by Tyra.


I want to eat Tahlia's and Saleisha's cunts. Yum!


THUNDERCATS, HO!!!! Love that. Had to call my sister on that one. Love, Love, LOVE you, Rich!!


Um, sorry but anyone that thinks Tahlia has model potention is clearly delusional.

I think real models are way too thin, but Tahlia body is shaped like mine and I wouldn't dare try to model looking like that. I can't believe there's been no mention of any of the girls wacky proportions this Cycle. London is pear-shaped (but beautiful) and Tahlia isn't as small as everyone else nor is she a plus sized gal.


Rich: Great recap, as usual.


Ok, the Tilda Swinton comment made my week. Also, I really hope that somehow, Celia stays on, because she has more balls than an untucked tranny, and we NEED that on this show! A girl with an actual spine!


hmm. i am suprised that no one has pointed out how celia's decision to speak up at the elimination was not only ill-timed, but completely ill-advised. i don't know about you guys, but if i were on "top model," i would WANT my weak competition to stay! an aspiring model with significant, appearance-altering scars; weak self-esteem; and a general ambivalence about competing? bring it on!

i feel for thalia and she seems sweet, but she's going to get eliminated and we all know it. the girls on the show must have known it. why risk the judges' wrath to hasten something that's going to happen anyway?


Has anyone else noticed that Tahlia is the only one who does not have a close up in the opening credits? Just saying.

elle b.

Tahlia is PERFECT, in every way, JUST LIKE SALIESHA, whose cunt is delicious.

I want Tahlia to win because TAHLIA has the most top model potential ever.

Tahlia could be working on the runway today and doing Sports Illustrated shoots. She's better than TYRA ever was.


Aw, I love Allison. D;
But that's okay, be mean, I suppose it's your job. :'D
And sadly, I feel Allison's time is coming to an end. I know she's going to get eliminated and it just makes me sad. D;
Love her art though. :'D; Aha, random~ also, I still love the fact that she was a meme on 4chan. xD; Creepy Chan~


Is it me, or did Tahlia's entire shoot look like Bette Midler in Hocus Pocus???


miss mary you sound like a classicist or possibly racist twat. The name Toccara is rooted not only in Italian where it would be pronounced with a hard C sound, but also in japanese where it would be pronounced TAK-kar-rah, why must it be ghetto?People have different rhotic pronunctiations. In fact there are lots of Toccara's running around and they are named after a perfume that came out in the 80's made by Avon..same time that Miss Toccara was born. I'm not stanning for her, but ignorance like that is just seriously disgusting.


correction classist. damn you firefox.


Tahlia should not even made the initial cut of 750 or how many they choose. It's as though Tyra said, "Get me a cute burn victim." She's too chunky to be model-y but oh wait, this is "ANTM" and Whitney won a few cycles back. Funny how she couldn't even get to be Lane Bryant's covergirl and had to settle for Hot Topic jean-lady.

Dear Diary

The Tilda Swinton comment is hilarious.

Benny looks more and more like a crackhead to me every time he comes onto the screen.


Rich, can you translate what Benny said before the posing challenge? "...which, in my language, means 'Get your hair did, and get your scrtowxn scrtowxn-ed'"?


That last photo must honestly be trying to channel 'sad clown'. I can think of no other explanation. Therefor, I applaud you, madam.


Hey Rich, did you watch the new Oxygen show Pretty Wicked that Caridee is hosting? I'd love to see your opinion of it.

I disagreed with Celia's timing. I understand the meaning behind it, but she should have said it BEFORE the deliberations if she was going to say it at panel. Her saying it after Tahlia got first call-out made it come off in completely the wrong way.


Beneath Tyraism 3, doesn't Botox Fun Tyra (or Botyra) resemble Nik C5 to a terrifying degree?

Yes. She does.

Clarity Sage

If you scroll down so you only see the bottom half of the "1-2-3...1-2-3, funny face!" animated gif, it totally looks like Nigel is giving it to Tyra.


can someone tell me what benny ninja's occupation is? other than 'vogue legend'? what's his dayjob? my friend and i tried to learn this info through the internet, but we honestly can't find anything.

Polly Peanut

I thought London looks much more like Renee Zellweger, old citronface :D


The real sadness is that in front of a room full of gay men, absolutely NONE of these girls even tried half-heartedly to pose seriously. I'm 32 and fat and can still bring it harder than they did. *Le sigh*


celia looked totally snaged when she tatle-taled on tahlia.celia's ug mug was chomped, her face buckled-that pic of her close-up cought her embarrassment perfectly.

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