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He isn't in High School, he's in eighth grade this year, seventh when he posted that video.


Dear Drew,

You are awesome! Thanks for coming by and answering some questions.




LOLOL @ mr. big time vh1 man, puh. Especially "PUH"


Thanks so much for the heads up. I loved the videos commenting on songs. It kind of reminds me of the Alanis My Humps cover the exploited the stupidity of those lyrics.

Also, I'm not sure what I would have done if I were asked this question, but the answer seems fairly obvious to me. Maybe it's because my voice was incorrectly identified for years, but Drew does not seem like a girl at all.

THAT'S not an awkward comment.

Dear God. I'm in love.


I think he looks like a boy. The first thing that came to mind was Atreyu from Never Ending Story. Good looking kid!


That kid is hilarious! Thanks for linking him....I needed another timewaster for my workday.


All it reminds me of is that awkward time near the end of high school when you realize all the remaining attractive boys are way, way too young for you. Sigh.


Most of the women got it right....they can sniff out an imposter in seconds.


I love it here (SCruz) :)

not sure it would be such a pleasant video in some other areas of the great USA


I grew up five blocks from where the kid filmed this and seeing the video made me think "Oh, this is SO FUCKING SANTA CRUZ." People will seriously have a conversation about anything with a stranger on the street there.



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Yup, the assassination simile was perfect. Really enjoyed this, your writing voice is delightful.

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This is a workshop of your life. I need to perfect that "writing my way to another life" technique!

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Thanks so much for all of that. When you bare your soul in words, you're not sure what the reaction will be. I'm glad you both found it so inspiring. And I thank you again for all your kind, supportive words.

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