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Quote, re: Tahlia "Maybe she can take that self-love and build on it and be loved and make the actual world a better place, not just the fake modeling world. But selling the worth of her participation on the show as anything but an ego boost to her and/or Tyra is just aggressively wrongheaded. I hope that as she continues improving, she one day grows into a sensible enough of a person to realize that."

Astute, intelligent, and rich (pun intended) comment. Kudos, big guy.


Two things:

When Tyra was talking about "being HARD," wasn't the criticism directed at Aminat, not London? And Aminat WAS hard in her commercial! She sucks at acting!

Second, this "show is gayer than an edible butt plug made with Splenda." Most. Awesome. Thing. Ever.

Thanks Rich!


"I'm cringing with my soul."

- line of the century!


I can't agree with you, Rich. I find Natalie...boring. At least London has a personality and a Texan accent that jumps through flaming loops of fire.


Oh, and Mardi, that criticism was directed to London. Who is not street.

Saint Shore

Ok, so obviously this is being nit-picky but I gotta mention that it was the hot long haired Becky that replaced the dumpy Becky on Roseanne, not the other way around.

Or maybe dumpy Becky ended up coming back later on? Ok, I'll shut up.

that's hot

My 2 favorite quotes you've ever written so far are in this post (pure genius!):

"London couldn't be street if you paved over her."

"His very presence (you might even call him the straight man) helped reiterate the point that show is gayer than an edible butt plug made with Splenda."

Containing my laughter at work is soooooo heard!


London did not get fat, but she her hips were never narrow to begin with. I don't like what they did with her hair, it's severe; the makeover.

I miss the days when they gave the stats of the models on the webpage - height, weight. Then it was easier to stack them up against each other. My fav is Allison, although she only gives the one face, it's the most unique and high fashion. A good photographer could work with her. I think they choose her worst photos. Or maybe she's got a wooden brain.

Fo is quite cute but short, she's my other favorite. I like New Mexico, hey.

Rich, what about this:


I love you Rich and you are adorable & hilarious and can totally be my gay boyfriend and every Monday during ANTM is like Christmas. BUT! Are you sure that "hard" speech was for London? I erased it off my DVR but I really really really could have sworn it was directed towards Aminat.


Rich this last recap made me laugh so hard I cried ;). Jay Manuel impersonations...Thank you for that!


Thalia has vagina dentata face.



Yeeeeuh! My friend in SF rides the bus with Marjorie all the dang time. She's never said "Hi" to her for fear of spooking the poor girl, as if she were a timid fawn.


Strangers with Candy reference? Thank you.


I feel like I'm crossing some sort of border by finally posting, but I've been following here regularly for 2+ years.

The camera-love during judging was all over the place. Someone needs to take a restraining order out on that slut.

When Thalia couldn't even jump for Paulina everyone knew it was the end. She's one of those girls who's afraid to look stupid (fail) and ends up looking even more insecure and out of place than the actually are. Tyra would be all over that exercise acting like a fool.


But whatever. If Celia is not America's Next Top Model, at the very least, she is America's Next Top Jerri Blank.

Truer words have never been spoken!


It's really bugging me on this season that everyone's always like "Natalie's the prettiest girl here but..." She's not that cute, am I right? Does she just have the most "model potential" because she looks kinda vapid and bitchy?

I don't get it.


in the inaccurate side by side what. the. fuck. is up with jay manuel's eyebrows? like every other part of him, they are waaaaaaaaay too manicured. i pay way too much money to get mine waxed every month, and they don't look like that porn shit. i wonder what he looks like in the morning. yikes.


2 things - if i saw a commercial that was, ahem, "hard" like tyra demonstrated, i would *totally* go straight out and by that shit. especially if it was being advertised as able to take my grease off and stuff.

secondly - i love the breakdown of your tahlia hate, and i, too, had the same visceral reaction to her presence. i especially wanted to spit when she gave her "volleyball pouf" excuse; thanks to the clip show, i remembered what her hair looked like pre-makeover (my 8th grade algebra teacher, mrs. MAGEE *totally* did have that hair, so your comparison was uber-eerie) and there WERE NO BANGS YOU LYING LIAR. ok, maybe she had them in the past but STILL. she just seems like the type to have an excuse for everything (goes with the type of attitude that necessitates constantly whining and whinging).

gooooooooooood riddance, indeed.


London can model for Mom Jeans... and loan Celia a pair for ANTJB.


i think paulina's snide comment about london's fat legs was an attempt to get her to stop wearing those god-awful shorts. literally every freaking week paulina prob had to stare at those nubby chubby things for hours...hey london, ever hear of jeans?


I was thinking Celia looked more like Bette Midler from Hocus Pocus in that last shot.

Jerri Blank was a good enough reference that I let it go the first time I read this.



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