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April 14, 2009



talia is so fucking fug. good riddance.


Thank you for standing your ground on Tahlia. She had no place being on this show, and Tyra is 90% to blame!

Allison looks so much like Beaker in that "warped face" picture that I want to put a lab coat on her and have her run around saying "meeeep meeeep"

Chris Johnson

Talia's teeth are scary! Leave it to you to notice. Maybe she is so non-stop in her burn talk to distract everyone from her Vlad Dracula genealogy.




The "talent pool" has seriously deteriorated. Tahlia? She's not even an option.


Rich, you make my upper lip sweat!


i cant believe you left out the best line of all during judging! i laughed SO hard when i heard it had to rewind my PVR just to hear it again. i BELIEVE it was miss jay speaking to Celia (re: her oldness):

miss jay: "you look like jesus parted the red sea and there you were standin on the other side, thats how old you look."

followed by hysterical laughter from Clay Aiken. best. antm moment. ever.


America's Next Top Jerri Blank

stuff like this keeps me watching this shitfest, thank you for giving us this


fucking hated talia

love highways

btw Teyona is on the show too, most forgettable winner ever.

Team ANTI-SCARLIANCE for the win!!!!


fucking finally! tahlia and her volleyball poof will not be missed.


SERIOUSLY. to everything you just said. ha


I say it every season and I will say it again. Tyra owes you bigtime for all the viewer YOU get to watch this joke of a show. Just speaking for me, I would have stopped watching this cycles ago if it weren't for your recaps


I'm surprised you or anyone likes Natalie. Her snobbism is bland and suburban, and beyond that her "personality" is drab.


This episode made me completely glad that I'm too lazy to read spoilers for ANTM--because I too thought that Allison was a goner, and my explosion of glee when Tahlia went instead probably woke the neighbors.

I'm an awful person, though, because I wanted her to be upset over being cut. Or at least have that gross smirkface she was sporting wiped off her face for even half a second. That she kept on smugging afterwards is just. . .ugh. Is anyone in the world less self aware?


"Frowning with my fingers."

-Simply awesome.


Lea is so right, I used to just watch the marathon before the final but I wanted to enjoy your recaps so now I watch every week.

You are insanely awesome, Rich <3.


Tahlia's style was beyond frustrating. All her clothes fit badly e.g. her super short flare-leg jeans and her tiny plaid jacket. It was as if she had literally robbed a 14-year-old.


as much as i didn't like tahlia, something about her makes me feel bad for making fun of her. like she was that kid in elementary school that got made fun of for smelling bad and wearing clothes from wal mart.


How awesome would it be if Jerri Blank really were a contestant on this show? I mean, seriously, how fucking awesome would that be?


Oh, how Tyra plays with us. I enjoy it, which must mean I'm kind of sick.

I don't get Teyona. At all. Somehow they just can't make it look like hair actually BELONGS on her head. They should shave her head bald, paint her green, and cast her in a live-action version of Futurama as Kif Kroker.

London might be getting pear-y, but also she has odd splayed legs. In past episodes at panel they have looked bizarre.

A big, fat yawn at Aminat. Yelling and flailing your arms doesn't equal personality. Take a chill pill.

Celia, when I first saw you in the promo pics I thought you looked horrendous but they must've messed with those because your face and body are fierce and you are mature and sweet-natured and your sense of style is a welcome respite from these mallgirls. I love your look and your horse-face this episode accompanied by "Well, it got me THIS far!" made me laugh. Pretty sure you're not going to win but we all know it's better that way anyway.

What the Holy Heck

"that show is gayer than an edible butt plug made with Splenda"

Thank you for that, Rich.


Nobody caught that in Clay Aiken's intro, Paulina made the claim that he's sold "billions" of records?


Tahlia looks like Ron Jeremy.

Especially before her makeover.

Good riddance!

Rob R

"London couldn't be street even if you paved over her"


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