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Sarah G

I would rather listen to Jaslene than hear McKey speak.


I think it's hilarious that I hated Celia at the beginning and kept trying to hold on to it, I love her more and more.

And then I realize that it's not hilarious or even surprising at all... because my love for her was born the day she told Tyra that Tahlia is an annoying bitch.


Tahlia looks like the plastic surgery cat woman in that photo of someone grabbing Natalie.


What Lea said may be true, but I could not stomach Tyra or the two Jays any longer. I do not watch the show, only read the recaps, and even then I feel like I need to take the biggest nastiest bowl bustingest dump after reading about their shenanigans! Hate them.
I never thought I would say that about Tyra.


I have to agree with Lea... Ty-Ty really should be thankful for your amazingness with these recaps. I only started watching the show in Cycle 7 and it was only because my roommate loved it. I think I discovered your blog after Cycle 8 and it is truly the main reason I continue to watch this show a few days after it airs once its up on Youtube.

Anywho, while I agree that Tahlia had no place in this competition, you're a bit too hard on her. Yes, hate her as a model, but she isn't a hideous person. In a lot of your screen captures she looks weird, but everyone can. I think she's a pretty girl who isn't a model. There's nothing wrong with not being a model (though her immigrant picture was fine and her color one was pretty good).


I really thought that Allison was going home, so glad that she didn't!

I don't get why they eliminated tahlia though, it's not like she was any worst than before, her pictures have been mediocre at best since day 1, I like Celia in pictures but she looks so old, like an even older version of Geena Davis, I hope she doesn't win >_<


Everything you've said is completely true! I hope these girls read this after they get kicked off the show and realize what fools they made of themselves, for our enjoyment.


Wow-Tahlia does look like Ron Jeremy now that someone mentions it...

All I thought watching that ending (a genuine nail biter I confess with a hint of guilt) was how happy you would be Rich. But with Sondra and Tahlia both gone now, what will we complain about? This cycle might turn into a yawn on par with...maybe the China cycle but anyone in this group I could see winning over Saleisha except maybe Teyonna.

I should now make a hollow threat to stop watching if Teyonna wins but after watching part of a c3 marathon this weekend, I have to say the show is seriously slipping into irretrievable snore that no amount of random snarking can save.

(altho Mr. Jay's comment to Celia bout looking old enough to witness Moses parting the Red Sea was high-larious, if genuinely mean.)


Please do this for Canada's next top model this summer. It may have a low budget, but I guarantee it will be more interesting than this season of antm!


They never played the clip show here in Canada (well at least in Winnipeg Canada, on non-digital tv) so I'm looking forward to the recap!


Does anyone know Tahlia's ethnicity? She looks Asian in the pic of Fo groping Natalie.

And, as much as everyone knocks Tahlia or any of these other model wannabes (that includes the "winners" also), the most vile person on this show is Tyra herself.

No matter what anyone else says, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Tyrant gave Cassandra from cycle 5 the "Rosemary's baby" haircut to take her down a hundred pegs because Cassandra was a beauty pageant winner. When that didn't work, she said the hair needed to be even shorter, and finally Cassandra quit. Tyra destroyed the poor girl, that is until her hair grew long enough to add the extensions. The only positive thing to come out of this was that we finally saw a "human" side to Cassandra. (I know this is old news, but it still pisses me off). Now, in every friggin episode, we have to see these models pose like Tyra, talk like Tyra, walk like Tyra, shit like Tyra. She's not the first supermodel ever in existence (truth be told, Janice Dickenson isn't either). There are so many other models that this show could draw inspiration from. Christie Brinkley's California breeziness, Iman's African Regalness, Linda Evangelista's versatility, just to name a few.
I was disgusted with Tyra then, and I despise her now.


The edible butt plug made of splenda was my bright spot today!


Best recap so far, you beautiful bastard - and this cycle has produced some of your best!

And Paulina did come off sounding a bit Janice-esque, didn't she? What do you wanna bet London slipped into a fat-inspired funk and scarfed down three bags of Mallomars as soon as she got back to the house?

Seriously, that zoom-in closeup on her jiggling hips is not the kind of exposure she needs at this point. Girl was practically smiling with her thighs.


Here's the issue: Tyra wants this to be about self-esteem, but it's in a business of selling shit because you are pretty. It's commerce. Sell the shit in Vogue and Seventeen. That's all. It's not T-Zone Self-Confidence Camp for Girls of a Certain Age. So for Tahlia - good for you for feeling sexy in a two piece. Rock on! But don't be a model. At least - don't be a model and expect people to applaud you for wearing a two-piece. Because that shit ain't gonna shill Famous Footwear. I know this was already expressed but honestly, it bears repeating.

Celia DOES look old. It's not her age, as Jade looked younger than her 26 years (and acted it). She's just genetics-wise all Benji Buttons. Good model, tho. Even with the Geri face. Cancer? That's hiLARious!

Natalie is a dial tone. BORING. Like Jessica - gorj. But a model has to look *interesting*, too. Just huge, flat face with no eyes and an entitled personality that works to be infuriating and even fails at that. Pass.

I'm perplexed as to why no one mentions on the show how fuckin' freaky Teyona looks when she smiles. All teeth and slit eyes like a lizard. I always feel like hiding my cats because she will unhinge her jaw and just swallow them whole. Leave my cats alone, Teyona!

The clip show - these bitches are boring. We made a bird feeder! Ugh. Pee in a diaper then we'll talk.

P.S. You look hot in that Brett Michaels pic. Serious, I'm stealing it to use on Manhunt. I'm sure neither you nor Brett will mind.

Steve Abramson

I really hope that each and every person that bashed Tahlia left and right would be set on fire and have to walk around with burns on their body for 15 years.

Let's see how you feel then.

Absolutely fucking pitiful just how universal the anti-Tahlia bashing has been, and it just disgusts me.

AND offends me. As a handicapped person myself, this went a little TOO far for my liking and you've lost a fan.


Imagine if people from some slavic-type country watched this show? They'd think all US 'models' are dumb, short, fat and fug.


i HATE paulina she is so heinous and revealing with her bitter commentary. pure eurotrash black and white about everything stereotype, just turn into a potato babushka already and piss off.


Haha, I love that you're practically raging over Tahlia's existence on the show.



what of the fact that they made fun of allison's repeat dress and made her and teyana switch clothes. so stupid. meaningless power-tripping at it's finest.

this was one of the bitchiest judging panels, ever. and for no good reason. clay must be a catalyst for evil. it's the only logical explanation.


Love that your recaps get more entertaining the worse the show gets!!

I have a top models in action for you. Shopping at the American Apparel on Haight Street in SF and who should be helping my friend into her dressing room but Margorie from last season. Definately her, fully decked while she was sweeping out under the doors. I'd like to see that on the next commerical break.

Anyway, long time fan on your blog and recaps on other sites ;) !!


Thalia would only ever be good in a Marilyn Manson and if this was 1999.

Benny Lava

This is my first ever comment to your blog here, but I will say that I read it often, and absolutely adore your wit...

Now if I may whisper in your ear like a catty friend... I am secretly hoping that London is preggers. THAT would be ANTM awesomeness.


Teyona seems really good which ordinarily would make me think she'd be eliminated too soon, but it seems like Tyra likes to switch off between having a white girl and a girl of color win, so I'm betting on her or Aminat.


I loved how at judging Clay was actually speaking sense, while the rest of them were forcing B.S. out. (especially about Thalia.)

Oh the dirty looks they shot him.


Also, Thalia's teeth are so Sleepy Hollow Christopher Walken.

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